Sunday, June 23, 2013

Earth Woman Body

(practice is to be done a 3-4 = days before your menstrual cycle begins ) Day One Open  Sacred Space Praise Earth Mothers: TaUrt … Onile Create Altar Space White Candles / White Flowers White Cloth Womb/Yoni Pictures Praise Ancestral Mothers Womb Meditation Give …Continue reading 

The Religion of the Yoruba

A comprehensive study of Yoruba, including a survey of the major Orishas, the deified spirits of ancestors and other spirits, the minor Orishas, details of priesthood and worship, the Yoruba conception of human beings, magic in Yorubaland, and the survival of heiroglyphics, emblems and other symbols. A scholarly work. Illustrated. Appendix, bibliography. 440pp.
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International Ifa Training Institute

The purpose of the IITI training program is to educate all interested in Ifa, both initiated and non-initiated, about our beautiful tradition from Nigeria and surrounding areas.They are not for the purpose of training people rituals; to become a priest/priestess you need to be trained by a knowledgeable and initiated priest/priestess in person. 

The Secrets of Afro-Cuban Divination