Friday, March 30, 2012

Oturupon Meji

In the fixed order of Orunmila, Oturupon-Meji occupies the twelfth position.
The esoteric representation of Oturupon Meji is the baby in the mothers womb which symbolizes premature birth and abortion. It is an image of instability within the forces of the earth.Regeneration --- EnduranceAbundance of Children --- CelibacyPhysical body element = Bones of bodyChildren would be disposed to be Scientists or Chemists.This Odu denotes prospect of twin babies.Oturupon Meji reveals how the faculty of intelligence came to the world.Oturupon relates to Egungun (Ancestor Society).The Egungun should be allowed to comment on the resolution of any conflict.Oturupon deals with the spiritual consequence of lack of courage.Oturupon people are very spacey. They have all these great ideas with no reality. They daydream often.Predispose to a superior nature but fail to achieveClouded by too many details. Simplicity works fine.Good intuitions, but one does not follow them."No one knew when Egherun married the Vulture and when she left him"
Be truthful, do good;Be truthful, do good;It is the truthfulThat the divinities support.
Agba igbin f'idi j'elu divined for Odo, he was told that wherever he might be in life he would always be securely seated but he was to die for his bravery. "Odo, consume your soup, made for ebo, so that you might have a good situation." "Gbegi" stick to one place.
There lived a hunter who had a secret agreement with the elders of the night to help him in his hunting expeditions. They provided him his game on the condition that he would always allow them to drain the blood of any animal he killed. Meanwhile, his wife was anxious to find out why he usually came home with headless animals. She decided to follow him to the forest to find out what was happening to the heads and blood of the animals he was killing. He did not know that the wife usually accompanied him to the forest.On one occasion, the elders of the night told him to warn who ever was following him to the forest to desist from doing so. On getting home he told the wife about the warning and she pretended as if it had nothing to do with her.On his next hunting expedition, the wife trailed him to the forest behind his back. On getting to the forest he started hunting. When he finished hunting, he went into conference with the elders of the night and they drained all the blood and emptied them into a clay pot. At that stage the elders of the night asked him whether in defiance of their instructions, he came with any spy. He denied coming with anybody. They insisted that someone came with him. They told him to keep watch. They removed the leaves with which his wife concealed herself and ordered her to come out. When the hunter discovered that it was his wife, he begged them to spare her life and forgive her. They told him that there was no forgiveness in the witch world.They called her up and told her that since she was so curious to find out what they sere doing with the blood of the animals being killed by the husband, she would have to pay the price of her transgression. They collected all the blood drained from the animals shot by the husband that night and made her to drink it. After drinking the blood, she began to suffer from palsy, or issue of blood. She became so ill that the husband had no time to devote to his hunting. The night people had turned their backs on him because of the action of his wife. He later went to appease the elders of the night and after paying the fine stipulated by them, they agreed to modify the woman's punishment, by proclaiming that from then on, the woman would only see blood once a month which is the menstruation (from Idi Meji) that all women have to this day.
The large-faced drum.The water used to bath,In the bathroom,Sprinkles on the walls and floor,Of the bathroom.No man is wise enough,To count the sand of the earth.No one travels far enough,To know the dimension of the earth.He who eats akara and moyin moyinKnows the sobriquet of beans.These were the Awos who made divination for Orunmila when he was returning to heaven through the sea. As he left for the sea (Okun) his followers asked him. Now that you are leaving us for good, who shall we call our father. He told them to refer to anyone they pleased as their father. He decided to go back to heaven never to return to the world physically again. He however told them that he would send them the instruments through the tree of life (the palm tree) through which he would always talk to them.

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