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Okanran Meji

Okanran Meji
In the fixed order of Orunmila, Okanran-Meji occupies the eighth position.
The esoteric representation of Okanran Meji is twin faces which symbolizes power of dual forces. It is an image of BI-polar strength. Okanran is the seat of the emotion and psychic energy.Sango enters the worldPhysical body element = Heart, veins and nails"The first word"Children would be disposed to be smiths, mechanics or hangmen.The knife that cuts the bread kills the man.Psychic balanceSango's famous freindship with ObatalaWashes off, catches on, doubles, redoubles, paints the world redIn deep sadness one masters the discouragement
Divine justice - The incarnation of Sango as Orisha- The universe allows for transformation through tragedy and crisis. World begins as one. Folklore of Sango's preparation to marry Oya. For lack of doing prescribed ebo, Oya yielded certain powers greater than Sango. Hence, wind before lightening. Have a piece of mind to avoid danger.
"Thunder does not crash during the harmattan; lightning does not flash secretly, male and female partridges do not have upright combs on their heads" was the one who cast Ifa for black Ereje, mother of Ram, she who gave birth to Elephant and Buffalo, and whose third child was Ram. These three children planted ochra, and the God of Thunder (Sango) came from the sky to steal it; when their mother saw that ochra was being stolen, she said she did not know what was picking it. Elephant began to watch the field, and one day the God of Thunder came back to pick ochra; when he saw Elephant, he roared at him, and Elephant fled into the forest. Buffalo also went to watch the farm; when the God of Thunder saw Buffalo, he roared at him, and he, too, fled into the forest. When it came Ram's turn, he took She-goat along with him because she was his servant; and when the God of Thunder was coming, he brought Dog along. When the God of Thunder reached the Farm and saw Ram, he roared at him, but Ram roared back, and when he began stabbing Ram with his knife, Ram began butting him. When they had been fighting a while, the God of Thunder's knife broke, and Ram's horn broke also. The God of Thunder sent Dog to bring him another knife, but when Dog reached the road, he found a bone and lay down to eat it. Ram likewise sent She-goat to bring him another horn; and when humans held out yam rinds to her, She-goat replied, "Today is no day for rinds, 'bkk bkkrik." So She-goat brought another horn to Ram; and when Ram had fastened the horn to his head, he chased the God of Thunder away. Since that time the God of Thunder has remained in the sky, and when thunder crashes and lightning flashes, Ram paws the ground with his feet, saying, "Our fight is not yet finished."
So you want to go call upon Sango?Are you not afraid of that wife of his?Her rows can ruin everything.Sango drinks fire, but all the same,his wife is a very strong woman.Sango spits fire, well and good,but Oya's fierce,fiercer than her husbandTornado is a liberated woman.
Ase O!

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