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South Carolina Genealogy Database

South Carolina – African Americans – 1525 to 1865

South Carolina SC African American History, Resources SC Slavery, Civil War

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  • Buying and selling human beings - examines slave trade from the shores of Africa to the markets of Charleston, including capture, the Middle Passage, auctions and cost, and the separation of families

  • Everyday life - labor and living conditions ... describes work loads, accountability systems, rice cultivation, slave quarters, clothing, and diet

  • Everyday death - talks about the constant presence of disease and death in South Carolina's slave community ... also gives info about African-American cemeteries and burial traditions

  • In their own words - first-person narratives and histories of South Carolina slaves and ex-slaves

  • Black revolts
    Stono Rebellion - 1739 - the largest slave uprising in America prior to the Revolution - scroll down for additional resources
    Denmark Vessey's Conspiracy - 1822 - recounts details surrounding Vessey's plot to overtake Charleston ... includes terms of Gullah Jack's sentence and record of Monday Gell's confessions

  • South Carolina's slave population - includes breakdowns by year and explains the relationship between SC's high slave population and the lowcountry's unique suitablity to rice culture ... also looks at our slave population compared to other Southern states

  • Slavery at South Carolina College, 1801-1865 - documenting the role slaves played in the early years of the college that became the University of South Carolina

  • White opinion - collection of online letters, diaries, and books written by nineteenth-century white South Carolinians documenting their attitudes toward slavery


  • What was a freedman? - meanings of the word "freedmen" before and after the Civil War

  • Free Persons of Color in Charleston, SC, before the Civil War - everything from where they worked to where they lived ... also explains how they obtained their freedom, the competition they faced from white laborers, and the increasing limits imposed on them by South Carolina's fearful white government

  • Mitchelville: Experiment in Freedom - begun on Hilton Head Island in 1862 as part of the Port Royal Experiment ... Mitchelville has been called "the place where freedom began" for South Carolina's Sea Island slaves

  • A freedman testifies - 1863 - Harry McMillan speaks about black people's lives in bondage and their aspirations in freedom - emphasizes their desire for land

  • The Freed Men of South Carolina - 1862 - conditions of Sea Island freedmen according to Port Royal Relief Committee's J. Miller M'Kim

  • Brown Fellowship Society - Charleston social club - established 1790 - renamed Century Fellowship Society in 1890 or 1892 - scroll to bottom
    Additional info - explains the Society's role in securing a burial site (photograph) for its members as well as the subsequent desecration of this site (called Macphelah) by the Catholic Diocese ... also mentions the Society for Free Blacks of Dark Complexion (later called the Brotherly Society), a similar organization which established the Ephrath cemetery for people of pure African descent

  • Freedmen's Bureau Records - reports that include information on conditions, laws, land grants, and more

Soldiers, Sailors

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Lowcountry Africana has built many Footnote Pages from the new, FREE Footnote collection SC Estate Inventories and Bills of Sale, 1732-1872. Read about South Carolina plantations and learn the names of enslaved ancestors on the plantations. Anyone may contribute pictures, more...

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Lowcountry Africana: South Carolina Slave Records on Fold3

South Carolina

Lowcountry Africana, sponsored by the Magnolia Plantation Foundation of Charleston, SC has built many Footnote Pages from the new, FREE Footnote collection SC Estate Inventories and Bills of Sale, 1732-1872.

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Read about South Carolina plantations and learn the names of enslaved ancestors on the plantations.