Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ofun Osa

"Ofun'Sa has efun, Ofun'Sa has irosun,Ofun'Sa has waving palm leaves"cast for Sigo-eleju. The ebo was made.He received the blessing of money and children.The ebo is two pigeons and money.He returned to the awo and askedif he would experience any problems.Shortly afterwards Sigo-eleju was burnt by fire,and his enemies rejoiced. But the rain came,and saved Sigo-eleju and his family.Ebo: 1 he-goat, ewe and some money.Grind aikujegure-leaf mixed with the Odu,and drink this in water. The ebo was made.
Ofun-Osa suggests that a person's whole life will be turned upside down, with spiritual enlightenment as the only way to sort out the mess. Although at the moment everything looks quite nice and rosy, there are some disasters coming towards us. If Ofun-Osa comes with Ire, some of the keywords are: forces of reaction, well-directed forces, vital eroticism, catalyst for regeneration, succesful defense, tenacity, freedom, shape, health, understanding. If Ofun-Osa comes with Ibi, some of the keywords are danger, defenselesness, treason, stupidity, weakness, obsession, misdirected energies, domination by others, illness, inconsequence, ignorance.

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