Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Iwori Meji

In the fixed order of Orunmila, Iwori-Meji occupies the third position.
The esorteric representation of Iwori is the Hyena.Night mover, or preaditor, or scavendor.Iwori is an image of those forces that create ecological interaction in the forest.Iwori is the simultaneous beginning of cognition and purposeful activity.Natures GangstersFountain of Youth --- ImpetusPhysical element = AirPhysical body element = Eyes & KidneysMental power. Has the power of pulling good to you.Enemies are aroundAnybody born by this paticular Odu will not be barren: they always produce children but their children do not stay with them.This Ifa denotes temporary success and your riches do not remain with you long.Speaks of people gifted with the ability to see things in their true perspective
Cut, bind, halve the whole,Prowl on the outskirts,Claws, dig in.
Hyena made sacrifice to become chief but failed to make ebo for protection against slander. Hyena's duty as chief was to protect farm. Esu removed all sheeps and goats and hiena was removed from office. Hyena went to divinver and was told to make ebo after which Hyena once again became chief. Guard agianst underserved punishment and judgement.
Sacrifice for well-beingSacrifice for continuityThis is what, O Orunmila,The diviner is doing.
If a child respects his father, everything he embarks upon will always be well. He will be a perfect gentleman.
A thick rod it is that troubles the brass gong;A heavy rain it is that reduces the anthill to mud;Osun of Ewuji it is who finished eating , finished drinking, And crawled deliberately away into the river.Thus declares the oracle to hin-Iwa (After-Being)Who is the senior of Oni (Today)Oye people of Isinpe, it is on account of hin-IwaThat we are hospitable to Oni.(You must always be hospitable so you may have a good After-Life.)
"Not round, not round; the back of Vulture's head resembles an axe handle, but it cannot split wood" was the one who cast Ifa for "Two-Knots, Eji Iwori" when he was coming to earth as the third figure of Ifa.Ifa says this is someone whose relatives are causing him trouble; they do not allow him to find a house or a farm, but if he sacrifices, he will find peace of heart and will overcome all his enemies.When the sixteen Figures of Ifa were coming to the earth, "Two-Knots, Eji Iwori" wanted to be third among them on earth; but the other Figures conspired against him. They told him that there was no room for him to live on earth. Then"Two-Knots, Eji Iwori" got ready and went to the diviners, that they might examine his case and tell him how he might be able to find a place to live on earth. They said that one she-goat, a mortar, the tete leaf, the gbegbe leaf, and eleven shillings were required as sacrifice."Two-Knots, Eji Iwori" heard and he offered the sacrifice. They said he should return to earth again. When he reached the earth he told the other fifteen Figures that he had come. They said, hadn't they told him that there wasn't room on earth for him to live? Then "Two-Knots, Eji Iwori" replied as his diviners had taught him:"The mortar will testify that I see room in which to settle,"The tete leaf will testify that I see room in which to stretch out,"The gbegbe leaf will testify that I see room in which to dwell."When the other Figures heard this kind of a reply, they said, "Ah! ah! this is a very powerful thing indeed, oh!" They said he should take his seat; then "TwoKnots, Eji Iwori" found his place to sit down in the third position among the other Figures.
Ase O!


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