Monday, March 5, 2012

Ijo Orunmila

Orunmila Fellowship is an Ifa study group with the aim of learning and understanding African/Yoruba culture and narration especially the belief systems and languages through the study of Ifa. It was established in 2002. The group meets every month for worship session, learning and discussion on all matters concerning the welfare and emancipation of Global African People
Our aim is to bring authentic information on Global African spiritual experience through the study of Yoruba and other African spiritual expressions. We do this through studying Ifa and other Yoruba spiritual expression and connecting it to the wider Global African spiritual world view.
We aim as a long term plan to integrate Yoruba belief systems with other African spiritual systems, especially the African Classical civilisations of Nubia, Kemet etc. to be able to serve us in the 21st century and beyond.
We aim to integrate African languages into an intellectual and spiritual language to ease communication in our community without having to borrow from other people’s language or culture. We aim to use icons that represent us to portray our spiritual entities’
We aim to be a positive force for good change, bringing together our peoples on the continent and the African Diaspora (Americas, Caribbean, Europe, Asia) so we can learn to love ourselves and our mother continent again and build a new great African civilisation the will be based on truth, rights and justice (Maat).
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