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Ofun Meji

In the fixed order of Orunmila, Ofun-Meji occupies the sixteenth position.
The esoteric representation of Ofun Meji is an egg marked with 12 paired points, and four horizontal lines which together symbolizes the 16 odu Meji. It is the image of the birth universal principles.Ofun denotes all the different characters and types of people in the world.Physical body element = Rostrum, nostrils and throatChildren would be disposed to be Judges, Police, Diviners or wine merchants.In Ofun-Meji the quarent will be great!Consent the power given by others.CalabashIncline to a paternal or protective bossinessLife in accordance with the dictates of Ifa is "sweeter than honey"Whoever loves Money beyond bounds will have his character damaged. Wisdom it is that excels money.Ifa says that we should not break an oath with a friend, least we meet death unexpectedlyArgbo ile fi-ire-sa-ke jeke je divined for Olofin when he was going to produce sixteen Imales (the 16 principle Odus)Babalawo should not be anxious in gathering wealth save in collecting knowledge.The egg within becomes the womb, passivity becomes creativity personified.
Enfold all...
Those that are wise are ruled by calm
Ogbaragada cast Ifa for Odu when he was going to create all the differnt characters in the world. He was advised to sacrifice: Four pillars, one big calabash (with cover) and a chain. He heeded the advice and made the sacrifice. He was assured that no one would query his action, Therefore he should pitch the four pillars together on the gorund and place the calabash on them and to tie his hand to the poles with the chain. He did so and subsequently created all kinds of characters and was since then known as Oduduwa.
Argbo ile fi-ire-sa-ke jeke je divined for Olofin when he was going to produce sixteen Imales (the 16 principle Odus)
Death, children of death,Life, children of life...
Ofun-Meji revealed that it took Olodumare (God) six days to create the land, seas, atmosphere, plants, animals and humanity. The reason Olodumare created all organic and inorganic matter before creating mankind was to provide abode for man, water for him to drink, food to eat, air to breathe and for him to settle down to a routine life in heaven from the seventh day. Ofun disclosed that God rested on the seventh day after completing the creation of the divinosphere. Hence it would take six days to complete the initiation ceremony of any divine priest and he should clean the house and rest on the seventh day.
Ajitu gbaye Aringinniginni gbayi Ojini ku to ku to r'ohun oro sarigbon lo Orun They cast divination oracle for Orunmila When coming From Ikole Orun (Heaven) to Ikole Aye (earth) They also cast divination oracle for the human race Who were to divide into three groups:
The acheiversThose who follow the acheiversThe bystanders
They all were coming to do three things on earth They were coming to do good They were coming to do evil They were coming to do neither good nor evil. Aa see mogamoga kii ri ohun oro se arigbonlo Agbonmiregun's Sage (Another name of Orunmila) Cast divination oracle for Agbonmiregun When going to Olodumare to make enquiries on why Olodumare created three groups with three distinct characters at the same time? Three groups exhibiting different traits cannot live together without friction. With friction, someone is Bound to be hurt. Olodumare responded: It is a way of knowing human attitudes.
From the Ifa verse above, it shows clearly that on earth, there are three groups of people: those who make things happen (good or bad); those who assist in making things happen; and those who watch things happen. The first group is very rare, the second group many, while those who fall into the third group are in abundance.On the other hand, man cormes into the world to exhibit his various attitudes and characters independently, Consequently individuals are responsible for-their actions good or bad. Generally, all those attitudes that are socially acceptable, approved of and backed up by rewards are categorised as good. Examples of these kinds of attitudes are humility, godliness, honesty, hardwork, forgiveness, patriotism, respect and so on. The types of rewards attached to these kinds of attitudes are praises, encouragements, blessings, better life hereafter and so on.Also, all those attitude that are socially unacceptabie, disapproved of and backed up by negative sanctions are categorised as evil. Examples are lawlessness, stealing, meanness snubbishness, pride and so on. Sanctions attached to these attitudes include social frown, rebuke, jail, banishment, execution, to worse life hereafter.The third category of attitudes and characters are those that do not constitute neither good nor bad. For instance, sleeping or waking up at normal times is neither good nor bad. But if one constitutes the habit of deliberately disturbing others while they are asleep or awake either by occupying their space or deliberately matching on them while awake, it becomes evil. Also, eating and drinking is neither evil nor good, but if a person who has got the means of affordng his daily meal makes It look as if those who have got no such means are either criminals or social exrements, it becomes evil. Poverty or affluence is neither good nor evil. However, the way a person exhibits his state of financial well-being may constitute evil or good.
On ths whole, certain things become clear from this Ifa verse Ofun-Meji: the most important purpose of man on earth is to come and exhibit his characters and attitude. These characters and attitudes are not part of man's destiny-- in other words man is free to choose between good and evil. This freedom of choice makes man distinct from any other being on earth. Nobody 'pushes' a man to do evil or good. Man's purpose of being on earth is not religion. Religion is only a means to an end while the end itself is the way man exhibits his attitudes and characters. Other beings on earth such as plants and animals need to be studied in order to help man prolong his stay on earth so as to exhibit his choice of attitudes and chracters for a longer period. Also, all forces of nature are to be studied and understood so as to be able to adapt and abide by their rules in order to live longer (This will be made more explicit In future).
Life on earth continues indefinitely. Only living beings on earth at any particular point in time will cease to exist while others will be born on rotational bases. In Ofun-Meji Ifa says:The world continues indefinitely Esinsin o kate ileke wiri-wiri-wiri Cast divination oracle for Orunmila When going to the world of infinitude.

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