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Obara Meji

Obara Meji
In the fixed order of Orunmila, Obara-Meji occupies the seventh position.
The esoteric representation of Obara Meji is the Rope which symbolizes the force of attachment. It is an image of duration of human accomplishment.Physical body element = abdomen and intestinesChildren would be disposed to be traders or Mystics.This Odu denotes poverty and want but at last prosperity and happiness.Removes backbiting and injurious slander, restores power.Odu of the underdogThe Odu of CommerceEncourage the marriage -- Make preparation for abundanceSuggest time for contemplation, warns against complacency.Think clearly before taking action so as to avoid serious mistakes. Obara-Meji became more prosperous than all the other Odu put together.Things that people give to you no matter how small can be used to your advantage.Good Odu with relationships. Story of Sango when he got cast out of the kingdom of Oyo and Oya was the only one on his side."I awoke to the sound of winnowing rain"It was Obara-Meji that introduced dreams to the world because while in the womb, he was always revealing impending dangers to his parents.
Frailty of my right handGains confidence in my left
Obara-Meji was famous for his concern about the poverty of god's creatures. People had deluded themselves with the feeble and defeatist philosophy that there was virtue in material poverty. He demonstrated that a creature's destiny was his own choice and that whether or not a person stayed poor was the measure of his personal effort. After helping several others in heaven, he saw a lot of poverty on earth and he decided to come to the world to bring wealth and prosperity to it.
Obara-Meji became famous. His fame and popularity soon began to evoke envy and enmity. He was soon to realize that success breeds envy, and envy evokes animosity which begets enmity. Generally people do not fall in love with those who excel them.
The fly which does not get greedy, never dies inside a wine container.The fly which flies high up in the air, and who is not tempted by the baits on the low ground, does not get caught in a gum trap.
Having obtained all he wished for and more, one day, Obara-Meji received a visitor called Efun yemi abori bebele, who advised him to make sacrifice so that his new found prosperity might endure to the end of his life. He was told to make sacrifice... He did the sacrifices. That is why Obara-Meji lived for so long in affluence until all his children also became very old. The gray hair on his head and body turned to be as white as cotton and his wealth sustained to the end of his life!
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