Friday, March 30, 2012

Ose Meji

In the fixed order of Orunmila, Ose-Meji occupies the fifteenth position.
The esoteric representation of Ose-Meji is the cressent moon which symbolizes female fertility. It is an image of female creativityAdvise to look for money with caution and discretion so that money might not destroy one.Physical body elements = Breasts and bladderChildren would be disposed to be Spiritualists or reformers.All that decays and dissolves into its consitutive elements.Surrender, flight and lossThe Wrestler --- CredulousThis Odu denotes plenty of children, victory over enemies and plenty of good fortune.Person is destined to assume priestly responsibilitiesPerson is destined to take a position of honors and responsibility within their chosen professionOrunmila learned mysteries of abundance. Osun is considered keeper of the mysteries of abundance. Osun enticed Obatala for this secret and gave it to worshipers. "I want, I want, I insist on broke me"Desiring spiritual growth will lead to abundance.
Orunmila prophesied, it came to pass;It came to pass Bara, Agbonniregun,They asked what was it that was coming to pass?He answered that it was the blessing of wealth foretold.
The Olodus, that is, the sixteen main apostles of Orunmila, were in the habit of going to the river to wash the signs of old age from their bodies. After each such bath, they often came out looking several years younger than their ages. At one of their weekly meetings, the sixteen Olodus agreed on the date they were to go to the river for their annual cleansing session.On getting home from the conference. Ose-Meji invited one of his Awos called Gere Gere Shalu Gere, to make divination for him against the upcoming trip to the river. He was advised to offer sacrifice to Esu because of the benefits awaiting him at the river. He did the sacrifice without any delay.On the appointed day, all sixteen Olodus assembled at the river and they began to have their dives into the river in order of seniority. Each of them was required to make three dives into the river. When it was the turn of Ose-Meji to dive, being the fifteenth Olodu, he dived the first time and came out of the river with a dried fish on the left hand and a fresh fish on the right hand. He made a second dive and emerged with a white cloth on his left hand and a black cloth on the right. In his third and final dive, he came out with 200 cowries on his left hand and beads on the right hand.The other Olodus accused him of playing magic, but he declined saying that he did not know how to make divination, let alone magic.On getting home he assembled all his surrogate Awos and told them to interpret his finds in the river. They told him that the fishes indicated that he would live long enough to enjoy all the good things of life. The cloth meant that he would live in peace and concord to the end of his life, which was going to be very long. The last finds meant that he was going to live a life of prosperity and abundance. He actually lived a full life and lived longer than any other Olodu on earth.
When our own handicraft suffices us reliance is never placed on theft. Theft can never suffice us, except our own honorable labor: This declares the Oracle to Agbonniregun (alias Orunmila) When he was set out from township to rural areas. He was warned that he would do marvelous acts of kindness, But that he would be repaid evil for good; But the Almighty God would requite him manifold. And all the deities would also repay him amply He saw a lame man, and he restored his limbs; The lame man failed to express any gratitude. Orunmila called him back And asked why he failed to be grateful. He saw an albino, touched his skin, The albino's skin became restores to normalcy. He saw a hunched back man, and touched his hunch; The hunch of his back dropped to the ground. He called back the man and asked why he was ungrateful. He found a woman laboring of child, He took care of her and she was delivered safely. He met people where somebody died of an illness; The deceased, borne in a coffin, was about to be buried, Orunmila stopped the concourse of mourners and raised the dead to life. They all acclaimed Orunmila, saying "All Hail to His Majesty ! " Orunmila got to another Place, There Death was intimidating someone, Orunmila began to sing as a challenge:If I see Death I would crush him in a fight."Woroji, woroji! wowo! (what a frightful scene to behold !)If I catch sight of plague, I would worst him in combat;Woroj, woroji! wowo! what a frightful scene to behold!)Death fled away, In fear of Orunmila;Plague took to flight to avoid Orunmila.Quite apart from being a Deity who prophesied and worked miracles, ORUNMILA was also a DOCTOR and HEALER In addltlon to his qualities of being (a) KING (b) PRIEST (c) TEACHER and (d) DEITY. Also as teacher of mankind he was a LINGUIST.

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