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Eji Ogbe

Ogbe-Meji / Eji-Ogbe
In the fixed order of Orunmila, EjiOgbe occupies the first position.
EjiOgbe symbolizes all that is known and unknown in the universe. It is an image of all those forces that create the day.The White Hole -- The LightEjiOgbe is the sign of life --- A vigorous awakeningEjiOgbe rules the head --- Facing EastPhysical element = Water...Water takes the precedence of all the other elements. It is recognized as "The Father of the Elements."Physical body element = Brains and NervesChildren would be disposed to be Travelers, Pioneers,sailors or heads of organizations.This Odu denotes plenty of good and plenty of evil.Artistic creationsEjiOgbe expresses a need to acquire wisdom and humility.Represents perfect alignment between the Ori and Ipori.Maintain high ethical standards which will be rewarded with enlightenment and abundance.Time heals the pain of any matter.We have cut off our own head to make us grow, like the banana tree.The hands belong to the body, the feet belong to the body.Victory over enemies, spiritual awakenings, long life, and peace of mind.In EjiOgbe barren women are blessed with children after sacrifice!
Two words have spokenTwo tasks have given themselves to meThe road is open
Good medicine stays,Told a certain person way back when tears of compassion refused the curse of barrennessthat she should take a long-necked jar, and when her sacrifice was done go to the place where water seeps slowly, slowly until the womb is full.She sipped the dreaming water and they called her child Osun, generous river.Ifa says to sacrifice is beneficial,nothing waits for nothing good.Come and see my bouncing newborn baby at the foot of Lord Orisa!
Story... of how Ori (head) was the only divinity that broke the kola nuts that Orunmila kept at his shrine. Ori's wish was for a permanent abode (home) and plenty of followers. Upon hearing the news of the finally broken Kolanuts, all the other divinities agreed, (since they all tried to break the nuts) that the "Head" was the right divinity to the Kolanuts. Almost immediately the hand, feet, body, stomach, chest, neck etc, each of which bfore then had distinct identities, all assembled and decided to go and live with the Head. Together, they all carried the Head high above as the king of the body. It is on account of the role played by Orunmila in his fortune that the head touches the ground to defer and revere to Orunmila to this day.
The benevolence of the young EjiOgbe made him so popular that his house was streaming with callers night and day. He healed the sick, made sacrifice for paupers to become rich, helped the barren to have children and safely delivered all pregnant women who demanded his assistance. These activities earned him admiration from the beneficiaries of his magnanimity. He also developed enemies that were envious and plotted against him. EjiOgbe went for divination and was told to make sacrifice to his Ifa with a basket of snails. EjiOgbe's Awos collected Ero leaves and mashed them in the snails' liquid for EjiOgbe to bath with. After the sacrifice he began to live a peaceful life.
Death held me and left me.Sickness tried me and left meNo one eats tortoise along with its shell.No one eats a Ram together with its horns.The shell of the snail is kept after eating its meat.I have survived the evil plans of my enemies.
Serious minded people do not listen to the bird singing the songs of woe;Difficulties and problems bring out the best in man;Patience and sacrifice make the impossible to become possible;Give me a difficult problem to solve that doubters may believe;Give me a war to wage that mortals may appreciate the strength of divinities;To learn from past misfortunes is to be wise;Not to learn from previous mistakes is folly;The person who fails to make sacrifice vindicates the diviner;Just as the one who ignores advice turns the adviser to a seer.The man who learns from quarrels and the man who does not learn from quarrels were thetwo surrogates of EjiOgbe who made divination for the land of Quarrels.
Orunmila enquires on how the situation is I respond that it is fine. Early in the morningI met all Irunmole followers where they were offering snails for ritual. They asked me to state what I was lacking. I said that it is wealth, I responded that it is a spouse, I said I needed children, I also needed all the well-beings of life. They told me that when I return home I should wash my master's hands cleanly I should also clean my master's divination bag thoroughly I should offer sacrifice to Ifa with a big, matured kolanut I should offer sacrifice to my ancestors with bean- cake When I looked at my back, what did I see? I saw all prosperity coming towards me, They were coming abundantly. And when I turned to look back, what did I see? I saw good wives coming towards me, They all looked beautiful and elegant. When I also looked back, what did I see? I saw many children coming towards me, They all looked healthy and strong. When I looked back, what did I see? I saw all well-beings of life coming towards me, They are all abundant and satisfying. And I declared: Horses shall be mounted in the practice of our profession With EJi-Ogbe as the owner of the world Horses shall be mounted in the practice of our profession.
If one is rich without good character The wealth belongs to someone else That which we are after is character Good character If one is blessed with children without good character The children belong to someone else That which we are after is character Good character If one is blessed with houses without good character The houses belong to someone else That which we are after is character Good character.
Let us not run the world hastily;Let us not rasp at the rope of wealth impatiently;What should be treated with mature judgment,Let us not treat in a fit of temper;Whenever we arrive at a cool place,Let us rest sufficiently well;Let us give prolonged attention to the future,And then let us give due regard to the consequence of things,And that is on account of our sleeping (end/death).
Ase O!
Note: These verses are only a fraction of the entirety of EjiOgbe.

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