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Owonrin Meji

Owonrin Meji
In the fixed order of Orunmila, Owonrin-Meji occupies the sixth position.
Esoteric representation of Owonirn Meji is two triangles surrounding three points which symbolizes the invisible forces that create mixture in the universe. It is an image to use as the bases of Ifa numerology.Dangerous sign, it is an indication of persistent drought, famine, and lingering disease.In Owonrin-Meji people are laughing at you.Children would be disposed to be physicians or electricians.Strainer --- Aliases"Lest we forget the primacy of earth"A need to be balanced --- A need to be humbleTalks about a person that cursed someone and that curse came back to them.Victory over one's many enemiesTendency to make impossible and unreasonable demandsChild killing his own motherFriends in heaven want to take you away from earthMaterial possessions overrule honor"Reverse Head"This Odu incarnates great profits.Image of seeing your destiny and moving straight towards it without faltering.The most esoteric of all rituals/sacrifices is feasting the multitude and looking for positive public opinion.Realize that even though it is not easy to change one's destiny, all the same, it is not impossible to do so
"It is not as the size of a tree that the spirit inside is like"
Hand presses down heavily upon meThe invisible worm walks crookedly within meBroom song: Sweep out, out upon the road, cleanse me.You slapped my ears, I never slapped you back; You butted me with your head, I uttered not a word or reacted. Edumare (Olodumare/The Almighty) will query you as to what I took of you! Was Oracle's divination for Awonrinwon (Iguana) Who would order his affairs peacefully. Awonrinwon is the sage of peace Who would conduct; his cult in submission. Thus I bow myself in submissiveness.
"Where is money to be found, oh?""Money is to be found among one's own followers, oh""Money is to be found among one's own followers, oh."
The elders of Oyo were told to make sacrifice,But they ignored it.I was told to make similar sacrifice,I listened and did the sacrifice.I missed my steps and survived.Because I made sacrifice.Others missed their steps and died,Because they failed to make sacrifice.Those who make sacrifice,Unfailingly receive salvation.
Gooro-maafiyun, Gooro-maafibo divined for animals, when they were going on a journey. They were all advised to sacrifice: Black cloth, they refused to make sacrifice. It was only the cat that heeded this advice : on reaching their destination, they encountered the witches who devoured all who refused to sacrifice their black cloth. They saw the Cat afar off with black cloth on. His eyes were four- like theirs, as such, the witches decided not to kill him for food because he was one of them. When the cat was returning home he sang thus:- Gooromaafiyun, Gooromaafibo........
It is important for people to resist the urge to ventilate their domestic grievances in public, for fear that some evil minded listener may amplify it in the witch-world.
Ase O!

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