Friday, March 30, 2012

Irete Meji

In the fixed order of Orunmila, Irete-Meji occupies the fourteenth position.
The esoteric representation of Irete Meji is a square within a circle, the circle symbolizes that which is unknown and the square symbolizes that which is known. It is an image of mutiny and rebellion which either brings long life or infectious disease.Irete denotes initiation into IfaIrete = StepsPhysical body element = Legs, feet and spleenChildren would be disposed to be dyers or brewers.Power of medicineWhere the Iyamins came to earthA split second decision can affect the rest of your life!Resistant to pain and adaptable to the roughest conditionsWhole and domineering characterUnlimited ambitionIn Irete-Meji Orunmila learned the secret of prosperity."It pays to stoop to conquer"
Odan-ab'orepegunpegun cast Ifa for Akon, they say that: he would never fit well with the people in the market. If he wanted to adjust this fault in him, he should sacrifice:-Ata-epo (Pot of oil) and a shawl. Akon (the crab) refused to make sacrifice. On the market-day, Akon balanced his pot of palm-oil on his head and in an attempt to wrap himself with his shawl, the pot fell from his head and his shawl was soiled with oil and up till today the oil stain is still on the crab.
The boy began to sing thus:My name is Kporoye --- My mother's name is Kporoye --- Daughter of Ajero kin osa --- In the land of Ijero --- Married to Ewi of Ado. --- My mother Kporoye told me --- The story of how the quest for a child --- Brought her for divination to Udo --- Where she met an Ifa priest --- Who made divination and sacrifice for her. --- As she went to deposit --- The sacrifice near the pit --- She heard a distant cry for help. --- From within the pit --- Behold, it was the Ifa priest --- Who made the sacrifice for her --- Who was inside the pit. --- As she helped him --- To get out of the pit --- She fell to the ground --- And her feminine glory was exposed. --- The Ifa priest --- Who could not resist --- The urge of nature --- Fell on her --- And made love to her. --- My mother Kporoye --- Has not seen the Ifa priest since then. --- But true to his prediction --- That the fortuitous event would bring forth a male child. --- I was born to Kporoye --- In her old age --- At a time when no one --- Expected her to bring forth a child. --- Although my mother's husband --- The Oba of Ale Ugotun --- Accepted me as his child --- The blood of my real father --- Runs through my veins. --- And the fact that I went about --- Singing songs and collecting leaves --- Like my father was said --- To be in the habit of doing --- Made my play mates --- To call me funny nick-names. --- One day, I confronted my mother Kporoye --- To tell me the true story of my birth. --- She told me that my father --- Comes from the land of Okemesi --- And that at the entrance to his house --- There is a money bearing tree. --- The branches and foliage --- Of the tree bear crowns. --- The stem bears beads --- And the roots bear corals. --- At the entrance of the house --- Is the dried corpse of a human body. --- After hearing the story --- I insisted on coming to see my father. --- On our way to Okemesi --- We were apprehended by three bandits --- And sold separately into slavery. --- I lamented that I would never --- See my father again. --- Even if I die as a slave --- I can now rest assured --- That I have come to at last --- To the land and the house of my father. --- The description given by my mother --- Assures me that the house --- To which I was finally sold into slavery --- And where I now crack this palm kernel --- Is indeed the abode of my father. --- Ejielemere of Okemesi --- If I die in six days time --- It would no longer be in vain --- Because I have come to die --- On the bosom of my father!

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