Friday, March 30, 2012

Ogunda Meji

In the fixed order of Orunmila, Ogunda-Meji occupies the ninth position.
The esoteric representation of Ogunda Meji is the dagger which symbolizes the power of metal to be forged into tools. It is an image of virility."Ogun Creates"The Path Maker --- Compulsive --- StubbornThis Odu relates to OgunOgun led the second reconnaissance mission from heaven to earthReference to the need of some sort of protection. That protection relates to the need to survive rather than become the sacrifice for someone else's survival. Physical body element = Male OrgansChildren would be disposed to be soldiers, butchers or burglars.This Odu denotes WarThis Odu denotes total victoryThis Odu denotes total devastationAll of this client's good fortune is with his Ori.Keeps the law away, prevents surgery.One is dominated by the events or by its passions.Sometimes, a brutal or accidental end.Without Ogun, no four-footed animal can be sacrificed, no infant's cord cut (separating him into individual life), nor the act of circumcision accomplished.In traditional times, during court proceedings, one swears to Ogun like one swears to the Bible today!
By thy rod, black fire, center me.
Good deeds never go unrewardedEvil deeds never remain unsanctionedConstant good deeds without visible results may appear as a lossGood deeds are beneficial, evil is not
Ogun went off spontaneously made Ifa for Gunon the day he was going to war against his enemies.Told to sacrifice for overcoming.This done, they made gun medicine.
Alagbara ni noskun Ade divined for Ogun, He was advised to sacrifice a cutlass, a cock and roasted yam. He was told that he must always go about with his cutlass because he was to make fortune with it. He was asked to eat the roasted yam. He did so. He was thirsty after this and he went to the river to drink water. As he finished drinking he saw two people fighting over a fish they killed.. He advised them to be patient and go home to share the fish. They ignored him The first man told him he came from the east and the second from the west after which he cut the fish into two for them. The first thanked him and requested him to open a foot-path from where they were to his town and that he would enrich his (Ogun's) life if he (Ogun) did. He further said that Ogun would receive valuable things that would give him confidence. The other one also thanked him and made the same request. Ogun agreed and he has been known as "Ogun-da-meji." since the day he cut the fish into two.
Agogo-owo-koseif'apokosi divined for Olofin when Olofin Ajalorun was about to send his son called Ogun to the world to open the way of life. He was told that he would never finish the job however hard he may be working but he should make sacrifice against ill health and death.
The whole world would always request Ogun him to pave their way for them but no one would share his sorrow with him in his life.

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