Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Irosun Meji

In the fixed order of Orunmila, Irosun-Meji occupies the fifth position.
The esoteric representation Irosun Meji is a hole which symbolizes the possibility of accidents and misfortune. It is an image of the need to embrace caution.In Irosun-Meji you are inclined to do things the hard way.In heaven Irosun-Meji was called "the man who can alter the course of death"Physical body element = Blood, liver and arteriesChildren would be disposed to be secretaries or journalists.Conquers the pitfalls of others.A lot of disappointments are caused by bad organization of the life. Cautious behavior would take person through difficult times with abundance.Pay iba (homage) to ancestors to preserve their wisdom. Irosun is things that have not surfaced yet.Death before Dishoner
Mirror, no matter how big cannot be used to perceive one's image for the future. This is the proclamation of the Babalawo to the mirror addict When longing for all the good things of life She was asked to offer sacrifice. She complied. There is no other true mirror than one's child. One's child is the truest mirror one can get.Ifa says the lady is too fashion-conscious. It is not advisable to marry her unless she is prepared to change her attitude to life. She must start to think of settling down and getting married in order for her to have her own children insted of concentrating on how to look good and smell nice alone.
Tribulations befalling a sage is not for lifePoverty of a sage will give way for prosperityBefore long the experience will be relayed with happiness and laughter
Before Irosun-Meji came to the world he was advised to make sacrifice with a cock and a tortoise to the misfortune divinity and a he-goat to Esu. He was also told to give a guinea fowl to his guardian angle. He refused to do any of the sacrifices. He then came to the world where he was practicing Ifa art. When he grew up, he was so poor that he could not afford to marry, let alone have a child. The hardship became so severe on him that out of frustration he decided to throw his Ifa seeds away. Meanwhile, he had a dream in which his guardian angel appeared to him telling him that he was the one responsible for his problems because he had stubbornly refused to make the sacrifice prescribed for him. When he woke up in the morning, he decided to sound his Ifa and it was only then he realized that it was his guardian angel that appeared to him in the night.He quickly arranged to do the sacrifice to his Ifa and gave a he-goat to Esu. His Ifa advised him to return to heaven to report back to God from whom he failed to obtain clearance in the first place. For his trip to heaven, he was told to go with a cock, a tortoise, a pack of yams, a gourd of water, a gourd of oil, pepper, okro and snuff. He collected all the things and packed them up in his divination bag.After travelling as far as the boundary of heaven and earth he went straight to the divine palace where he met the keeper of the Divine chamber, the Misfortune divinity or Yeye Muwo, the mother of obstacles. He knelt down at the Divine chamber and proclaimed that he came in all humility to renew his earthly wishes. Yeye Muwo intervened that it was too early in the morning to make any wishes because there was no food in the house. From his divination bag. He immediately brought out his fire wood, water, oil, pepper, salt, okro, snuff and finally, the cock all of which the mother of obstacles demanded in turn. Yeye Muwo was up to her usual delaying tactics, but Irosun-Meji was fully prepared.Thereafter, Yeye Muwo cleared him to make his wishes. Since it was forbidden to kneel down on the bare floor, he knelt on the tortoise which he brought from earth. After making all his wishes, God blessed them with his Divine Mace. When Yeye Muwo heard the sound of the Mace she quickly finished her cooking, but before she could come out, Esu motioned Irosun-Meji to leave quickly for earth.When the mother of obstacles finally emerged from the kitchen, she asked God for the man who had been making his wishes and the Almighty Father replied that he had gone. When she queried why He did not ask the man to make bad and good wishes, God replied that it was not His tradition to interfere when His children were making their wishes.In spite of all the gifts he had given to Yeye Muwo, she nonetheless left quickly in hot pursuit of Irosun-Meji. As she was pursuing him, she sang... He replied with a refrain of the same song saying that he had already made sacrifice and his wishes, leaving nothing out. As he was singing he was racing along in fright!When Yeye Muwo saw that she could not reach him, she stood still and stretched out her thumb and tore through his back with it. That is the hollow line running through the human back-bone, to this day, which is to constantly remind us that the only way we can escape the long hand of misfortune is by making sacrifice. With that mark, Yeye Muwo proclaimed to Irosun-Meji and to the rest of humanity, (a curse) never to remember his/her heavenly wishes on getting to earth since the eyes cannot see the back of the body and that before realizing his wishes, he would have to grope in darkness for a long time and experience a lot of hardship in the process.The pain of the injury made Irosun-Meji unconscious and he lapsed into a trance of utter-darkness. When he woke up, he found himself on his bed on earth. He had forgotten everything that happened before then. He however went about his business and prospered long afterwards.The state of darkness symbolizes the gestation period we spend in the womb, during which we lose all recollections of what we plan to do on earth.
Ase O!

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