Friday, March 30, 2012

Osa Meji

In the fixed order of Orunmila, Osa-Meji occupies the tenth position.
The esoteric representation of Osa Meji is a female face surrounded by a lunar crescent and a sky filled with stars which symbolizes the secrets of female power. It is an image of women's secret societies.Power of Aje (Witches)Physical body element = Female OrgansChildren would be disposed to be AviatorsChild born to the deepest of MothersIn Osa your best friend can be your worst enemyInclined to guess things without learningMind hustler -- Constantly runningKnowing how to pull people to the leftOsa denotes prospect of many children and plenty of riches.Stakeless river, seven pines, wings in the night.First to be reverenced, definitely should be one's elders.
Kasaka ja-Katitisa divined for Eji-Osa, Eji-Osa was going to Ife on scientific research, they say he would be horrified by something which could prevent him from carrying out his project. For this reason he should sacrifice:- A ram and a thunderbolt. He refused. When he got to Ife, a fight ensued. They tried to fight back but could not. They had to run. From this day they were called Osameji.
Osa-Meji made divination for the white man when he was coming to the world. The white man was advised to make sacrifice in order to be able to create, invent, develop, achieve great heights and command universal honor and respect. He made the sacrifice.When a woman called Ogodo yaya was leaving heaven, she went to the same Awo's to make divination for her in order to be able to have a child who will change the course of events in the world. She was advised to make sacrifice... She made the sacrifice and came to the world. On getting to the world, she did not have children, so she went to the two Awos on earth called Ukporo bayi and Aila baaye. She was told to make sacrifice... She did the sacrifice after which she began to have children.Later, she wanted to have more children and again went for divination. She was told to make sacrifice... After making the sacrifice a child was born with pale skin and curly hair. Afraid of the kind of child she had, she ran to the Awos who made divination for her to explain what it meant. They told her that since she left heaven with a wish to give birth to a child who would alter the face of the earth, her wishes had manifested and she was told that the child was going to begin a new generation of white men on earth. That is how the white race came into existence.
The ubiquitous wanderer, or wind, who does what he likes and means what he does, was the nickname of Osa-Meji
Before Osa-Meji came to the world he was advised to make sacrifice because he was going to practise his Ifa art in the midst of witches. He was told to give a he-goat to Esu, a guinea to his Ifa and a pigeon to his head. He did not perform the sacrifice as he was in a hurry to come to the world.Although he was one of the sixteen children of Orunmila who decided to come to the world at about the same time, he did not find the way to the world in time, because of the he-goat he failed to give to Esu. His guardian angel could not guide him because he also made no sacrifice to him. His Head did not come to his rescue either, because he offered no sacrifice to it. He was therefore wandering on the way until he came to the last river in heaven before crossing to the world. At the bank of the river he met the mother of witches, Iyami Osoronga who had been there for a long time because no one else agreed to help her to cross the river. She too was coming to the world but was too feeble to cross the tiny thread bridge over the river.Iyami Osoronga begged him to back her through the river, but he explained that the bridge would not take two passengers at a time. She then proposed to him that he should open his mouth so she could get into it. He agreed and she took a position inside his stomach. When he got to the earth end of the bridge, he told her to come out, but she refused on the grounds that his stomach provided a suitable abode for her. His problems with witchcraft had begun. When she refused to disembark, he thought he could bluff her by saying that she would die of hunger inside his stomach, but she said that she would not die for as long as he had a liver, a heart and intestines, because those were her favorite meals.He realized what problem he was up against, when the women bit his liver. He then brought out his divination instruments and sounded Ifa on how to get out of the impasse. He was told by Ifa to make instant sacrifice with a goat, a bottle of oil and white cloth, which he brought out quickly from his Akpo minijikun.He quickly cooked the liver, heart and intestines of the goat and told Iyami that food was ready for her. When she smelt the inviting scent of the food, she came out of his stomach. She however told him that it was forbidden for her to eat on full view of anyone. He then made a tent with the white cloth and she went under the tent to enjoy the meal. As she was eating Osa-Meji ran away and quickly found a womb to enter to come to the world.As soon as Iyami finished eating, she looked round for Osa-Meji but he was no where to be found. She began to shout his name Osasa, Osasa,Osasa which is the cry of the witches to this day. She is still looking for Osa-Meji up till now.
No other divinity is able to withstand the witches when they decide to fight. They can always subdue all of them, with the exception of Olodumare and Orunmila, due to the way they handled them on prior occasions. Anyone who believes that charms and other diabolical preparations can subdue witchcraft is merely deceiving himself, unless they are aware of special incantations made in the past for this purpose.

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