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From the Ground to the Crown

The following is in regards to the "Demery" family and its roots.

"The Demaree Family can be traced back to Yoruba, African to a man name Oyo “Jack” Demaree whose family history begin there in 1645 and extends into 15 generation of the Demaree-Demory-Parker-Gary Family. The family information contains families from Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, and Indiana."

Of course, this would also include the Demery family members who later mirated from North Carolina and Illinois to Louisiana, Oklahoma and California.

The History of the Demaree Family
by Darryl Eley

There are many stories that have come from the continent of Africa. We have seen the "Lion King". We have seen the majestic's of royalty and the struggles of slavery. The immigrations to America began the legacy which would become the legacy of the Demaree Family. We were a proud people in our African Home of the Yoruba tribe. The King of the Yoruba tribe was possible one of the controlling houses of the Yoruba tribe. The Yoruba tribe descended from the Ife tribe who were related to the Nok tribe which was a part of the infamous Ghana tribe of West Africa. They were located in the country of Nigeria in the South eastern section. Oyo was a simple man with very strong ties to the strengths of his family. His son, Charles Demaree, decided to go to the Americas to begin a future for himself. He paid the fare on a boat to Massachusetts. He arrived in Boston, Massachusetts where he lived in the distant land from the city population. He bought and sold land as he prospered in Boston. He married Sarah Banerd in December 1709. They had a son by the name of John Demaree in Boston on December 26, 1710.According to the "Free Black Population of North Carolina" John Demure married but the name of the wife isn't known. He had three sons: Frederick, Daniel, and John Demure. They lived in an area of North Carolina called Occoneeche Neck, Northampton County, North Carolina. These three sons began the family strength that has become the History of the Demaree/Demory family.
Frederick Demaree
According to the book entitled "The Free Black Population of North Carolina-pages 224-227" gives a detailed description of the Demaree/Demmery/Demory family of Northampton County, North Carolina, beginning with information about the family as far back as 1730 A.D. It gives information about one of the possible sons of John Demaree, Frederick Demery.Frederick Demery was born about 1730 in Northampton County, North Carolina. He was living in Southampton County, Virginia when his will. The will gave information about the beneficiaries of his estate. He probated on August 28, 1780 and on November 8, 1781, executor, David Dimmory was named executor. The will did not show relation but felt that these children may have been the children of Frederick Demery.1. Richard was born about 1765. He was a taxable resident of Southampton County, Virginia in 1787. His tax was charged to David Dimmory. Richard was the head of a Northampton County, North Carolina household of 6 "other free" in 1800.2. Tempy had no information.3. Micajah Demery was born about 1770, a black person between the ages of 12-50 in the Captain Dupree's district of Northampton County, North Carolina in the State Census of North Carolina in 1786. He called himself "Micajah Young" on April 30, 1794 when he married Elizabeth Evans on a Wake County Marriage Bond. He was the head of a Wake County household of 2 "other free" in 1790 (abstracted Micajah Dempsey). He was the head of a Anson County household of 5 "other free in 1800 and counted as Micajah Young and counted a second time as Micajah Demery, 7 "other free" in 1810. In 1820 he was counted as "Micajah Demery alias Young" 11 "other free".
John Demery
John Demery was born about 1735. He purchased 100 acres of land near Corduroy Swamp in Northampton County, North Carolina on January 8, 1757. He purchased another 100 acres adjoining the other land on April 16, 1771. He may have been a descendant of John Demaree of Northampton County, North Carolina, who was excused for paying taxes on May 3, 1778 at the session of the assembly because he was old and disabled. John Demaree voted for Joseph Sikes in the 1762 Northampton County election. He was in the undated "Black Militia” colonial muster of Captain James Fason's Northampton County militia. He sold his Northampton County land on February 15, 1778. He was taxed for 350 acres and one Black poll in Captain Dupree's District of Bladen County, North Carolina in 1784. He was the head of a household of Bladen County, North Carolina of 9 “other free" in 1790. He was counted in the 1800 household of 5 "other free" in the Liberty section of South Carolina. Perhaps his wife was Derinda, who was head of a Bladen County household of 3 "other free" in 1800 and 4 "free colored women" in 1820. His children may have been:
1. Allen Demery was born about 1760. He was the head of a Bladen County household of 7 "other free" in 1790 in 5 "other free in 1800. He enlisted in the 10th North Carolina Regiment. He received a land grant in Anson County for land in Savannah Creek on January 21, 1800 and sold his land on August 27, 1806, February 20, 1807, and April 2, 1807.2. John Demery was born about 1774 in Charleston, South Carolina. He married Sarah Robinson in Anson County, North Carolina in 1801, according to his own recollection. He was a Bladen County household for 4 "other free" in 1800, 3 "other free" in the Marion District, South Carolina in 1810. According to his recollection, He was the head of a Bladen County of 5 "other free" in Anson County, North Carolina 1820. He was taxed on 300 acres of land and two free Negroes in the Horry District, South Carolina. He purchased land in Anson County on Island Creek the same year on January 12, 1824 and sold it three months on April 6, 1824. He was the first African American to settle in the Western part of Randolph County, Indiana. He came to Randolph with Lemuel Vestal in 1825 and settled in Stony Creek. He had 80 acres of land, a house, a lot in the Winchester Township, at the time of his death in 1860. He was 69 years old, head of household of a Washington Township, Randolph County, Indiana household with Polly (60 years), Maston (son-13 years) in 1850. His children were:1. Mary Demery, born about 1799, married William Weaver.2. Irvin Demery, about 1803.3. John Demery, born about 1805.4. Hannah Demery, Born about 1807, married James Scott, who was emancipated in 1779 in North Carolina. He moved to Randolph County, Indiana from Wayne County in 1832. They had 14 children.5. Robert Demery, Born about 1809, lived in Cabin Creek, Indiana settlement.6. Charles Demery, born about 1823.7. Coleman Demery, born about 1827.8. William Henry Demery was born about 1830. He told his life story to the author of the book "The History of Randolph County, Indiana. He states that “He started his life at sea. He was a servant of Commodore Perry aboard the James A. Polk which burned at the Straits of Gibraltar. In 1847, he worked as a Stewart on steamers to Europe, the Middle East, and the West Indies. In 1852, he worked on several Mississippi steamboats and later returned to the farm life of Randolph County.9. Zachary Demery, 1832.10. Phebe Anne Demery, 1834, married Jacob Felter.11. Maston Demery, 1837, 13 years old in 1850.
Daniel Demery
He was born around 1740 in Northampton County, North Carolina. He was taxable in Northampton County, North Carolina 1780. He was the head of a Northampton County, North Carolina household of 7 "Black persons” 12-50 years old and over 50 years old in the Captain Dupree's District of Northampton County in the State Census of North Carolina in 1786. He was the head of a Northampton County household of 10 "other free" in 1790. The administration of his estate was granted to Edward Lawry on June 1, 1795 on a 100 pound surety bond. His children were:
1. Shadrack Demery was born in 1775, married Charlotte Hicks on February 8, 1794 in Southampton County, Virginia. Aaron Heathcock (Haithcock) surety. He was the head of a Northampton County, north Carolina household of 7 'other Free" in 1810.2. Wright Demery, born in 1777, was the head of a Northampton County household of 6 "other free" in 1810. Perhaps the wife of Lucy, head of a household of 4 "free colored" in 1820. His children may have been:a. William was born about 1798, married Talmer Wilkins, a Caucasian lady on January 31, 1816 on a Northampton County marriage bond with Wright Demery, Bondsman. William and Tamers were found dead six years later on March 5, 1822 when a coroner's jury was appointed by the Northampton County Court to determine the cause of death.B. Micajah Demery, was born about 1814, married Nancy Roberts on August 20, 1833 by a Northampton County bond. They were counted in 1850 in Logan County, Ohio census in Jefferson Township.3. James Demery, was a head of a Halifax County household of 11 "other free" in 1810. Perhaps the widow was Winny, who was born before 1776. Winny was the head of a Halifax County household of 4 "free colored" females in 1820.4. John Demery was born about 1783, married Rebecca Stewart in February 1806 on a Greenville County, Virginia marriage bond, Frederick Shelton, surety. He registered in Greenville County as a free black in Norfolk County, Virginia. He and His wife, Rebecca, were living in Northampton County, North Carolina on November 8, 1806, when they sold 91 acres in Greenville County, adjoining Frederick Shelton to Henry Stewart with Benjamin Goings as witness.
Joseph Dimry-Shadrack Demery's Son
Joseph Dimry, as stated in the Census of 1870, gives details of the rest of the modern-day Demory family. Through analyzes of facts. Joseph Dimry was born in Occoneeche Neck, Northampton County, North Carolina to Shadrack and Charlotte Hicks. He grew up a free man in Occoneeche. He married Sarah Mitchell, the daughter of Drew and Susanna Mitchell of Jackson, Northampton County, North Carolina around 1847. They had six children:1. Adriana Demory was born in August 1849 in Occoneeche, North Carolina. She married George Rawls, the son of George Rawls, Sr. and Moriah Lockhart they had eleven children.2. Robert Demory was born in 1855 in Occoneeche Neck, North Carolina. They had two children: 3. Darcus was born in 1861.4. Alay was born in 1863.5. Monkey was born in 1870.
George Rawls and Moriah Lockhart
George Rawls was born in 1810 in Occoneeche Neck, North Carolina. Moriah Lockhart was born in 1822 in Jackson, North Carolina. They were married on October 1, 1839 in Garysburg, North Carolina, According to the book entitled "Slave Marriages of Northampton County, North Carolina with Possible Names Changes by Paul Heinegg". They had five children:1. Louisa Rawls was born in 1843.2. Lucy Rawls was born in 1848. She married Peter Williams in January 1865.3. George Rawls, Jr. was born on May 15, 1855. He married Adriana Demory in a secret wedding which would make Adriana a slave if ever found out. They had eleven children.4. Ned Rawls was born in 1858 in Occoneeche Neck, North Carolina. He married Alice. They had several children.5. Sarah Rawls was born in 1861 in Occoneeche Neck, North Carolina.
The Union of George Rawls and Adriana Demory
Adriana Demory lived in Occoneeche Neck, North Carolina were she met George Rawls. Adriana was a free woman and George Rawls who was a slave on the Lockhart farm owned by Benjamin Franklin Lockhart Because George was a slave, the marriage to Adriana would make her a slave by this marriage. But, if they marry without the knowledge of George's slave master, they could be married. They had eleven children:
1. Jessie Demory was born in 1865.2. Sarah Demory was born in 1872.3. Nicodemus Demory was born in March 1874 in Occoneeche Neck, North Carolina. He married Della. They had several children.4. Diana Demory was born in 1876 in Occoneeche Neck, North Carolina.5. Meya was born in 1878 in Occoneeche Neck, North Carolina.6. Minnie Demory was born in December 1880 in Occoneeche Neck, North Carolina. She married the Rev. Jessie Burton Parker, Sr., the son of Zack (1844) and Mory Parker (born in May 1848) in 1895. They had four children:A. Emma Elizabeth Parker was born on August 5, 1897 in Jackson, North Carolina. She married Dorphus Gary, the son of Bill Rival and Rebecca Moody, on March 16, 1916 at Parker Baptist Church in Jackson, North Carolina.B. William Henry Parker was born on September 25, 1904 in Lawrenceville, Virginia. He married Thelma Simmons Overton about 1934 in Jackson, North Carolina. They had four children and adopted one.C. Clementine Parker was born in December 1899. She may have married a man with the last name of Johnson. They may have moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She kept no contact with the family. She has been missing for over 80 years and her where abouts are unknown. 7. Haywood Emory was born about March 1882 in Occoneeche Neck, North Carolina. 8. Peggie Demory was born on March 4, 1885, according the Social Security Death Index from the Records of the Church of Latter-Day Saint. She was counted in the 1880 Census of Northampton County, North Carolina-Occoneeche Township, she lived with her brother, Jessie Demory. She married John Weaver. They had a daughter, Martha. 9. Douglass Demory was born in December 1887 in Occoneeche Neck, North Carolina. He became an ordained minister. He married Betty Doles of Jackson, North Carolina. They had thirteen children.10. Joseph Demory was born in September 1891 in Occoneeche Neck, North Carolina. He married Elizabeth Benjamin of North Carolina. They had ten children.11. Albert Demory was born in 1893 in Occoneeche Neck, North Carolina. He had a son who drowned. He also drowned many years later.
The Union of the Rival-Moody Family to the Demory-Parker Family
From different cultures comes the story of two families with different past-the Moody's of Gaston and the Rivals of Gaston. In the city of Gaston lived an Occoneeche family named the Moody Family. The Father of the earliest Moody may have been Benjamin and Parthenia Moody who lived in Gaston, North Carolina. The union of Junius and Lucy Moody came three children:1. Rebecca Moody was born about August 1872, according to the 1880 Census of North Carolina, when Rebecca was eight years. She met William Rival, the son of Luther and Mary Askew Rival. They had three children: Sidney, Dorphus, and Nellie. Bill Rival relocated to Boston, Massachusetts without any notice to Rebecca. She moved on in her life and married Bill Gary, the son of Solomon and Sallie Gary. They had six children. 2. Mary Moody was born in 1875 in Gaston, North Carolina..3. William Moody was born in 1877 in Gaston, North Carolina.
The Union of Emma Elizabeth and Dorphus Gary
They were married on March 16, 1916 at Parker Baptist Church in Jackson, Northampton County, North Carolina.They fifteen children:1. Dorphus Gary, Jr. died a baby.2. James Gary was born on September 16, 1916 in Jackson, North Carolina.3. Roger Gary was born on September 7, 1917 in Jackson, North Carolina. He met Jessie Vera Bynum. They have a Daughter: Betty Bynum.4. Lenora Gary was born around 1920 in Jackson, North Carolina.5. Margie Gary was born in 1924 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.6. Clementine Gary was born on December 26, 1926. She married Isaac Williams. They have four children.7. Samuel Gary was born in 1928 in Jackson, North Carolina. 8. Dorothy Mae Gary was born on September 1, 1930 in Jackson, North Carolina. 9. Minnie Mae Gary was born on November 9, 1932. She married Joseph Pollard. They had five children.10. Chester Gary was born around 1933.11. Wilson Gary was born around 1934.12. Shirley Gary was born in 1935.13. Rosemarie was born in 1936. She married Walter Payne.14. Ida Bess Gary was born in 1938. She married Walter Bellinger.
The Meeting of Roger Gary and Jessie Vera Bynum
They met somewhere in Jackson, North Carolina, both teenagers in love. They were from totally different backgrounds with the Bynum and the Gary families. While the Gary was of very fair skin like the gene of the father, Dorphus, the Bynum gene were of darker skin. Jessie and Roger were about to become parents and married when the biggest decision of Roger's life came from the mouth of his father, Dorphus. The decision was to stay in North Carolina to raise a family or go to Boston for a better opportunity. Roger chooses the opportunity over the family and moved to Boston with his parents and siblings. Jessie Vera had her daughter, a beautiful blossom of a child by the name of Betty, who was born on January 13, 1938 in Weldon, North Carolina. She and her mother moved to Portsmouth, Virginia. Jessie married a wonderful man from Margarettsville, North Carolina named Joseph Wilson Faison, who was born their on January 18, 1922, to William and Mary Faison.Joseph Wilson Faison adopted Betty as his own child. He helped her mother raise her properly. They had four children:1. Evelyn Deloris Faison-February 19, 1944 in Portsmouth, Virginia. She married Robert Jones. They had four children.2. Norma Jean Faison-February 19, 1947. She married Oscar Ingram. They had a son. She met David Denson. They had a daughter.3. Joseph Wilson, Faison, Jr. was born on March 1, 1951 in Portsmouth, Virginia. He married Deborah Washington. They had two children.4. Cynthia Denise Faison was born on May 8, 1954 in Portsmouth, Virginia. She has a daughter. She married Eugene Silvers. They have two children.
The Union of George Thomas Eley and Betty Mae Bynum Faison
Betty Mae Bynum Faison married George Thomas Eley, Jr. on January 14, 1957 in Parris Island, South Carolina. They had five children in their union:1. George Thomas Eley, III.-March 12, 1957 in Portsmouth, Virginia.2. Calvin Llewellyn Eley-August 22, 1958 in Portsmouth, Virginia.3. Jackie Karl Eley-February 27, 1960 in Quantico, Virginia.4. Micheal Keith Eley-June 17, 1961 in Quantico, Virginia.5. Antonio Darcel Eley-March 17, 1963 in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Betty met Richard Lee McDow, the son of Gonzalo and Gladys Mungo McDow. They had a son, the author of this compilation, Darryl Eley. Betty had a daughter, Phetra Renada Jones on December 28, 1979 in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.
From the descendants of the Great Oyo Demaree came many people who make up the Demaree/Demery/Dimry/Demory Family of Nigeria, Massachusetts, and North Carolina came of group of spirited people who believed in the American Dream and made it come alive through the strength of its people of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana, and all the surrounding areas of the metropolitan areas of New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, and other major cities. This is our heritage that I had share with you. We stand tall to give America the True meaning of our creed, the united people of one family of people. The Demory family has reached over 10 generations of people who have carved a piece of history in the American landscape. We are the people, places, and events of the Demaree family. Thank You.

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