Sunday, February 12, 2012

Anubian Virtues, Laws and Goals

Know your right from wrong
Be careful in your choices, outway the pro's and con's before you choose
Live in the light to the fullest of your abilities
Believe in yourself and your abilities
Be truthful to yourself and others
Be kind to those less fortunate than you
Forgive yourself and dwell not in your errors
Do not put yourself in the path of temptation or others - it will come back to haunt you
Give if you can and praise those you give to
Treat others fairly without predijuce
When treated badly, if possibe walk away and stay quiet - do not act in anger. You will only say the wrong things that will fuel the argument
Do not wage war or quarrals on those around you to state your case – communicate first
Expect others to be different in all aspects
Be the student for one is never to old to learn something new
Study and learn and if need be become a teacher to those that seek knowledge
Do not listen to gossipers, but pay attention to wise peoples
Be quiet and listen for when we stop talking we hear the truth
Work hard to earn a respectable living
Cultivate the land for it is a gift from the Divine
Cultivate your spiritual and mental gifts
Care for the earth as it is a gift that we need to live on
Enjoy the fruits of the earth, for it is a gift of the Divine
Waste not, but share your abundance
Slow down and take note of your surroundings and breath deeply
Take time out for yourself and meditate
Take care of your health
Let your love be pure and unuldulterist
Try to mend what is broken and rebuild what is destroyed
Most of all, try to be a peacekeeper
Believe in the good of others and that good will eventually rectify that which is wrong
Be the bringer of joy and friendships
Our goals and laws:

The Temple and I (priestess of Ra and Sekhmet) stand for justice to all mankind, for freedom of mankind, the intellect, the protection of all animals and nature in totality. We must stand up for those that cannot do it for themselves. We must fight for the survival and behold of all.

We believe science, magic, the arts and religion must and can co-exist.

The laws of peace, justice, truth and fairness are kept and followed, we strife for harmony and equality in all.

We must also strive to help those less fortunate and the uneducated.
We believe to educate, to teach and to learn because knowledge is the foundation on which we build our future.
We inspire to bring moral, intellectual and spiritual growth in all people.

Thus is the laws of this temple and all who follow its path.

We stand for the right to live,to let all live and to be alive.
We are spiritual and we learn.Blessed be all who call on his name.
Ba u semt em Neteru

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