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Spirituality of the Creation

The Spiritual Journey To Enlightenment Based on the Pauti Book: African Religion Volume1 Annuian Theology and the Philosophy of Ra
Author: Dr Muata Ashby

The journey of spiritual enlightenment may be seen as a reverse of the creation process. In the creation everything emanates from the Nun or primordial ocean and expresses in the form elements in succeeding levels of denseness. These elements also manifest in the form of opposites which appear to be exclusive and separate from each other but which are in reality complements to each other. Therefore, the spiritual journey is based on first sublimating the ego and its desires which cause a person to become entrenched as it were in the physical realm of existence and to be oblivious to the higher planes of existence.
Spiritual practice consists in developing the intellectual capacity by understanding the illusoriness of the opposites of Creation. This leads a spiritual aspirant to develop spiritual aspiration and the qualities to go beyond the appearances of nature and to discover the Absolute existence which is the real basis or all that exists.
(Discovering the absolute and transcendental essence which is beyond even the singularity of consciousness (Ra)- beyond time and space and the opposites of creation (Shu- Tefnut- Geb- Nut) as well as the concepts of existence or non-existence.)
(Discovering the single essence which underlies the multiplicity of nature-Cosmic Consciousness. )
Shu ~ Tefnut
(Discovering the more subtle aspects of nature.)
(Discovering the gross aspects of nature.)
Hetheru -Djehuti - Maat
(Spiritual Strength - Right Reasoning - Righteous Action)
These higher spiritual qualities allow a spiritual aspirant to discover the mysteries of nature- to pierce the vail of illusion which prevents the discovery of the underlying essence of nature (Creation)-God. )
Advanced Spiritual Aspiration, having developed spiritual qualities such as purity, truthfulness, honesty, etc. to pursue a spiritual lifestyle which will lead to success in life as well as spiritual enlightenment-sel f-discovery.)
Asar ~ Aset
(Glimpses of the transcendental Divine Gory and initiation into the teachings of mystical wisdom.)
(Intellect-understanding that the world is perishable and that there is something else which is abiding. Also, understanding the real meaning of life and the real goal of life-to attain enlightenment. Understanding what is real from what is unreal, truth from untruth.)
Asar~ Nebthet
(Devotion to the Divine - Faith in the existence of the Divine Self and in the idea that Enlightenment is a real possibility.)
(Sublimation of the ego and the lower self-control over the sex drive and the negative qualities such as anger, hatred, greed, covetousness, jealousy, etc.)
Classes of Divinities in Anunian Theology
There are four classes of divinities that can be discerned from Anunian Theology. First there 1 the Supreme being, that entity who is transcendental and inscrutable, from whence the next der of divinity arises. In this category we find Neberdjer and Net or Heru and Hetheru. In the next level we find the cosmic divinities, those who sustain Creation. In this group we find Ra, Shu, Tefnut, Geb and Nut. Next we encounter the human divinities. They compose the aspects of the human personality. These are Asar, Set, Aset, Nebethet and Hem-Ur.
Based on Anunian theology, as it is presented in the Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts and other Kemetic scriptures, the order, nomenclature and attributes of the Ancient Egyptian divinities of the Creation may be viewed as follows. <!--[if !vml]-->
(The Absolute-Etemal- Infinite)

Cosmos Divinities
(Time and Space)
Ra (Creator)
Shu (Air, ether) - Tefnut (moisture) ~
Geb (earth) - Nut (heavens) ~

Human Divinities
Asar (soul) - Aset (Wisdom)
Set (Ego) - Nebethet (nature-mortality)
Heru (Perfection)

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