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The Book of Knowing

The Book of Knowing the evolutions of Ra
and the overthrowing of Apep
1. The book of knowing: The Evolutions of Ra, and the overthrowing of Apep
a) Creation myth A
b) Creation myth B
2. The Great Creation myth
3. Source
The History of Creation
[These are] the; words which the god Neb-er-tcher spake after he had, come into being:-
"I am he who came into being in the form of the god Khepera, and I am the creator of that which came into being, that is to say, I am the creator of everything which came into being: now the things which I created, and which came forth out of my month after that I had come into being myself were exceedingly many. The sky (or heaven) had not come into being, the earth did not (exist, and the children of the earth, and the creeping, things, had not been made at that time. I myself raised them up from out of Nu, from a state of helpless inertness.
I found no place whereon I could stand. I worked a charm upon my Own heart (or, will), I laid the foundation [of things] by Maat, and I made everything which had form. I was [then] one by myself, for I had not emitted from myself the god Shu, and I had not spit out from myself the goddess Tefnut; and there existed no other who could work with me. I laid the foundations [of things] in my own heart, and there came into being multitudes of created things, which canie into being from the created things which were born from the created things which arose from what they brought forth.
I had union with my closed hand, and I embraced my shadow as a wife, and I poured seed into my own mouth, and I sent forth from myself issue in the form of the gods Shu and Tefnut. Saith my father Nu:-My Eye was covered up behind them (i.e., Shu. and Tefnut), but after two hen periods had passed from the time when they departed from me, from being one god I ,became three gods, and I came into being in the earth. Then Shu and Tefnut rejoiced from out of the inert watery mass wherein they I were, and they brought to me my Eye (i.e., the Sun). Now after these things I gathered together my members, and I wept over them, and men and women sprang into being from the tears which came forth from my Eye.
And when my Eye came to me, and found that I had made another [Eye] in place where it was (i.e., the Moon), it was wroth with (or, raged at) me, whereupon I endowed it (i.e., the (second Eye) with [some of] the splendour which I had made for the first [Eye], and I made it to occupy its place in my Face, and henceforth it ruled throughout all this earth.
When there fell on them their moment through plant-like clouds, I restored what had been taken away from them, and I appeared from out of the plant-like clouds. I created creeping things of every kind, and everything which came into being from them. Shu and Tefnut brought forth [Seb and] Nut; and Seb and Nut brought forth Osiris, and Heru-khent-an-maati, and Set, and Isis, and Nephtbys at one birth, one after the other, and they produced their multitudinous offspring in this earth."

[These are] the words of the god Neb-er-tcher, who said: "I am the creator of what hath come into being, and I myself came into being under the form of the god Khepera, and I came into being in primeval time. I came into being in the form of Khepera, and I am the creator of what did come into being, that is to say, I formed myself out of the primeval matter, and I made and formed myself out of the substance which existed in primeval time. My name is AUSARES (i.e., Osiris), who is the primeval matter of primeval matter.
I have done my will in everything in this earth. I have spread myself abroad therein, and I have made strong my hand. I was ONE by myself, for they (i.e., the gods) had not been brought forth, and I had emitted from myself neither Shu nor Tefnut. I brought my own name into my mouth as a word of power, and I forthwith came into being under the form of things which are and under the form of Khepera. I came into being from out of primeval matter, and from the beginning I appeared under the form of the multitudinous things which exist; nothing whatsoever existed at that time in this earth, and it was I who made whatsoever was made.
I was ONE: by myself, and there was no other being who worked with me in that place. I made all the things under the forms of which I appeared then by means of the Soul-God which I raised into firmness at that time from out of Nu, from a state of inactivity. I found no place whatsoever there whereon I could stand, I worked by the power of a spell by means of my heart, I laid a foundation [for things] before me, and whatsoever was made, I made.
I was ONE by myself, and I laid the foundation of things [by means of] my heart, and I made the other things which came into being, and the things of Khepera which were made were manifold, and their offspring came into existence from the things to which they gave birth. I it was who emitted Shu, and I it was who emitted Tefnut, and from being the ONE, god (or, the only god) I became three gods; the two other gods who came into being on this earth sprang from me, and Shu and Tefnut rejoiced (or, were raised up) from out of Nu in which they were. Now behold, they brought my Eye to me after two hen periods since the time when they went forth from me.
I gathered together my members (which had appeared in my own body, and afterwards I had union with my hand, and my heart (or, will) came unto me from out of my hand, and the seed fell into my mouth, and I emitted from myself the gods Shu and Tefnut, and so from being the ONE god (or, the only, god) I became three gods; thus the two other gods who came into being on this earth sprang from ,me, and Shu and Tefnut rejoiced (or, were raised up) from out of Nu in which they were.
My father Nu saith:-They covered up (or, concealed) my Eye with the plant-like clouds which were behind them (i.e., Shu and Tefnut) for very many hen periods. Plants and creeping things [sprang up] from the god REM, through the tears which I let fall. I cried out to my Eye, and men and women came into existence.
Then I bestowed upon my Eye the uraeus of fire, and it was wroth with me when another Eye (i.e., the Moon) came and grew up in its place; its vigorous power fell on the plants, on the plants which I had placed there, and it set order among them, and it took up its place in my face, and it doth rule the whole earth.
Then Shu and Tefnut brought forth Osiris, and Heru-khenti-An-maa, and Set, and Isis, and Nephthys and behold, they have produced offspring, and have created multitudinous children in this earth, by means of the beings which came into existence from the creatures which they produced. They invoke my name, and they overthrow their enemies, and they make words of power for the overthrowing of Apep, over whose hands and arms AKER keepeth ward. His hands and arms shall not exist, his feet and leas shall not exist, and he is chained in one place whilst Ra inflicts upon him the blows which are decreed for him. He is thrown upon his accursed back, his face is slit open by reason of the evil which he hath done, and he shall remain upon his accursed back."

The Great Creation
"There is no presence in darkness untouched by Him, for evenIn the heart of sin His Glory awaits as an ember lies beneathCool ashes.All that need be spoken in the heart is"Great Lord, I ask You to enter!"And the Lord of Forms will enter,Bringing with Him the Eternal Flame His Prophets callNata Naha the Nasart Naha".(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Preamble, Sa-Aakhuw 1)
There is only one Creator, Nutjer, the Eternal, Immutable, and manifest throughout the totality of Creation.
As Ptah He is endeared To all living things as their Creator, the Artist of the substances,The Molder of flesh, the One and Supreme on High, WhoseWishes became the Heavens and the Earth, and Whose Heart'sDesires became humankind and all living creatures.(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Preamble, Sa-Aakhuw 1)
I am the Father and the Mother of all nations, for I diversified their languages and their complexions, bestowed the Codes of the Law to the Prophets, and caused My Name to be hailed in every Holy Place across the Earth that I established. I have nurtured humankind and caused them to flourish across the face of the Earth. I have granted them dominion over the Earth and its creatures, and given them all that sustains them, the riches and the sustenance upon which all living things feed and prosper.(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 1: 4)
He in His Radiance is called Ra, Haruamakhyt, the Dweller in the Upper Regions, the Monarch of the Worldly Regions, Who feeds and nourishes His children whom He created through His Tears. He is the Nutjer of Nutjeru, the Uaa of the Many, the Fourfold Presence in the Waters of Emptiness, the Seed of beginning in the germs and substances of His Flesh, this Creation, these Waters of the Void embracing the Banner of Truth!(The Passion of Haruw-Ma-Bahuwdat, Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 35: 18)
In this Void there were the names and forms and substances of Creation concealed within the Mouth of the Aged One in this His Name of Atumuw, thus the Hands of the Great Name Ptah-Tatanen, Whose Form emerged within His Own Mouth because of the Utterances of His Heart and the Command of His Own Tongue.
This Great and Ancient One had collected His Own Members and Forms together in the beginning, made haste over the form of the Waters, captured Chaos in His Mouth, removed the Void, and came forth in glory to bestow the breath of life to all living beings, thus He was hailed as Atumuw and glorified over the Face of Creation.(The Passion of Haruw-Ma-Bahuwdat, Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 35: 51-52)
Homage to You, O Blessed Lord in Your Light, You Grace of Millions, Establisher of Maat on Your Horizon daily, wherefore the great legions submit and the faithful are uplifted in beautiful Illumination.(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 36: 2)
Your Countenance in the Heavens is acclaimed by all living creatures, O Lord, for Yours are the Domains of the Two beautiful Horizons, the Fields of the Blessed in Light, the Ark of Millions in Its Station of Light, the Circuit of the Eternal, never having been Created nor destroyed, fashioned or completed.(The Passion of the Uwtchat of Ra, Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 36: 5)
O Holy Father of Your Two Horizons, Lord of Nutjeru, beasts and humankind, You Aged Prince in the House of Brilliance in Auwnnuw! There is no land in Creation that does not hail You, for You are the Lord of the Great Countries, the Father of the nations Whose Substance provided for them, Whose Command in the beginning brought about the Heavens and the Earth, and there is no nation that does not behold Your Face in the firmament and bow down in labor because of it! You are hale over Creation, O Ra, the Lord of the Beginning and the End, the First in the Great Time and the Last in the Final Era! Through You have all things come forth into being, and there is no other upon the Earth or in the Duwat who is as You are, O Power of Powers and Divinity over Divinities!(The Passion of the Uwtchat of Ra, Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 37: 9)
You moving, breathing forms, abounding through the Light-Radiance of My Father, soak up His Blessedness unto yourselves, proclaim His Goodness from the lips of your hearts, and still sorrow in this His Name of Ra the Lord of Truth, the Vanquisher of the Dark Waters!
Where He is, do I move, and where I move, there is Ra, the Orb of Light-Radiance, the perfect form encompassing Creation, the manifold realms of the Nutjeru, the Duwat, and humankind in its Earth!(The Passion of Haruw-Ma-Bahuwdat, Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 35: 21)
The Creator in Its limitless names is the Establisher of the highest laws, which are bestowed through faith to those who commit themselves to the Practices of God-Consciousness (Nutjer-Nuhati).
Now come forth into Creation the Presence of these Great Words of Neb-Ra-Djar, the Lord to the farthest reaches of Creation, and He has spoken to His Kindred: "On account of these sufferings of theirs in asfat, and on account of this dark age of theirs in which they have given birth to tumult and given destruction to all that I created pure, I will propitiate Maat, I will unveil the Countenance of Maat over the face of the people, and the ones who draw near to Light will thus draw near, whereas those who draw near to asfat will retreat into asfat, and their darkness will consume them, and their tumult destroy them.
The dark will swallow the dark, while the Light give birth to Light, and they will raise this Great Victory Banner of Peace over the Two Horizons, and I will bring them forth as the Shomsuw of My House; to go in and out, to travel up and down the vast spaces of Creation without hindrance of their heart's wishes!
Thus I have commanded through the Utterance of My Tongue as Djahuty that these wishes of My Heart as Haruw be established in This, Their glorious Name of Naha Nata, and I have caused this Blessedness to pervade the hearts of all My Prophets and the true disciples of My Divine House.
I have made counsel in the hearts of those who needed counsel. I have granted peace to those who needed peace, and dispelled asfat from those who lived in asfat, and I have delivered My Message to them in perfect clarity, in the Language of My Heart's Command, and My Wishes were hearkened in the ears of those who longed to listen; thus all of My aspirations have I fulfilled in accordance with the desires of My Heart, even as it was in the beginning, as it shall be until the end!(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 24-27)
It was Ra Who gave the Divine Commands for the establishment of the Laws, which He caused to be hale from the boundaries of the Upper Kingdom to the boundaries of the Lower Kingdom, for when Ra came to reign as King over all the lands He had created, He witnessed the tumult raised by humankind from the North to the South; He witnessed the warring of the tribes over their territories; He witnessed the eating of the living and the dead; He witnessed the rape of women and the looseness of the sons of the land; He witnessed the murder of the innocent and the depravity of the oppressors; He looked out across the nations He had caused to come into being and saw into the heart of their wickedness, and He said: "This is on account of this freedom of theirs I have granted by virtue of My benevolence, thus I have been praised as Ra the Lord of Justice, the Wise Ruler of the Two Kingdoms, the Lord of the Hearts of humankind Who establishes peace, yet My Justice has exceeded Itself to grant arrogance to the hearts of men; wherefore they make war against the just, rape the followers of peace, and defile the tithes of peace I have established amongst nations through the causes of greed!(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 35: 8)
Thus Bahuwdat accomplished the command of Ra His Father, Who said, "Go out and afar carrying the Glory of this Truth upon Your wings; thus when those who are just who accomplish what is Just behold Your radiance, they will embrace Maat in the ears of their hearts, and they will acclaim Justice as the standard of the Righteous; they will adore Your Face and place it above the places of the lofty in this Its Name of Bahuwdat, the Victory Standard of the Faithful!
Now as for those who embrace the path of depravity in asfat, those whose legs are grounded in vile practices of the flesh, those who slaughter and order slaughter, those who eat the flesh of the dead and declare wars upon the Just, those who champion the slaughter of the many for the causes of greed, those who expand their wealth through the misfortunes of the poverty-stricken, those who order death, those who are oppressors of men or women or the beasts I have created, those who have deafened their ears against the Words of Right and Truth I have multiplied through the Writings of Virtue, they will turn away from Your Countenance as the waters are turned away from the desert, and as all living things are repelled by the call of death.
These enemies of Truth will turn away from You to answer the call of their depravity; thus the infinite embrace the Infinite, while the finite embrace the finite.
Thus shall the depraved fall behind the veil of asfat; their own darkness shall envelop them, and on account of their Earthly miseries they shall inherit the miseries of the Yonder!
Do not fear on account of this repulsion of theirs against You, O My Noble Son, the Dweller in Maat, for those who are repelled by this High Utterance of Maat are thus repelled by the Ones I have called to speak out on account of My Names and My Forms, even as I have called You to stand up on My account in the Names and Forms of Your most lofty glory!
They who fall on accord of their own vile deeds will continue to fall without You, while those who have sight of what is Right and what is Just will continue to have sight of You, and will continue to multiply the Cause of the Right and the Just!
And even as I have spoken, as My Commands have been established upon the Form of Maat in accordance with Her Ordinances, this Face of Yours in Its Justice and victory will be hallowed in the places of all My subjects. They shall acclaim it as they acclaim Me, and on account of It will I recognize the Places of the Just who benefit on account of this Great Writing I have caused You to witness!"(The Passion of Haruw-Ma-Bahuwdat, Djosar-Ma-Naha-Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 35: 59-65)
Because Ra was known as the Lord of Justice, the Master of the Decrees, His Son caused His Words to be recorded in the Holy Country at Bahuwdat, and He whispered into the ears of His Son, with no one hearing and no one seeing, "You My Son have accomplished these Noble Deeds of Mine recorded herein, and that they might be celebrated for countless ages by all those whom I have caused to come forth by virtue of My tears, You shall bear Your Wings around them, lift them up, and safeguard them in the places unseen and unheard; thus I shall call My Tribes back to Me on account of this hati of theirs, and I shall whisper My Words into the caverns of their hearts, and I shall restore all that was lost in the First Time on account of the great tumult, and My Words and My Deeds will be known to humankind as to the Nutjeru, thus the aspirations of My House will flourish for a period of innumerable ages!(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 35- Preamble)
The Nutjer is the Supreme Source of Justice and Illumination, the Great Judge Who, through the Embodiment of Its Manifestations and Omnipresence, directs the Souls of humankind in the present life and in the life to come.
Did you know that I am the Seer into the hearts of men, that I alone draw the wicked together with the pure unto me on that Day of Making Union with the Earth, that every Ka (Spirit-Essence) molded in the flesh must come forth on that Day of Reckoning into the Presence of the 42 Noble Saints in the Hall of the Two Truths, that even those who are now entering the womb of their mother must come forth into the Great Presence in the Hall of the Two Maati, and that I will call each one by their name and take an account of all their heart's deeds?
That is why the Nutjeru and Their Hosts, together with the Noble Prophets and Their Seers in the House of Life have granted Me acclamation upon the Earth in this My Name of Auwsar; for I am Un-Nofra when I walk the Earth and collect together the deeds of men, and I alone who know them and see through into their depths!
Thus the depraved and the wicked cannot hide from Me, though they hide their faces from the length and breadth of humankind; and I will see them in their hiding places, for the heart cannot hide from Me, as I am the Molder of the heart and the Seer of its deeds!
A man who comes forth into Illumination in the Place of the Blessed will see Me enthroned beside Maat and Djahuty, thus Universal Truth and the Command of the Law, and will see the Great Book at My side, and he will hear the account of his deeds in the Presence of the Great and Noble Tribunal of Saints; thus what stains his heart while he is a dweller upon the Earth shall stain his heart in the Presence of Heaven, and Ammouwt shall consume him on account of it, and he will be reborn in the place of darkness in the Duwat!
Therefore, on account of these things I have revealed to your heart, remember that your heart is your mother, your heart is your mother, the mother of your many deeds and many lifetimes, and she will call out your name, together with its justice or wickedness, in the Presence of the Noble Councilors in the Hall of the Two Maati Goddesses; those Twin Sisters Who stand vigilantly beside Me, and Whose Names are known as the 42 Laws of the Great and Noble Canon, thus have I preserved Their Virtue, and held Them beside Me to make an account of all the deeds of the creatures I have called forth into being.
If you are a dweller in hati, thus a true Shomsuw (Disciple) of My House and Its Noble Teaching, this House of Nutjeru through which I have pervaded Creation, thus a dweller in the Right Side of the Law, thus one who inhales Justice and causes Its Noble Aspirations to flourish upon the Earth, thus a servant of Truth who takes his sustenance from this Nuhati-Am-Nutjeru of Mine, you will unfold Maat upon the house of the Earth and devour Its Fairness as your flesh devours food, and as your heart's passions devour love.
You will hear this Word of Mine existing in Foremost Truth, and you will govern the passions of your flesh and Spirit accordingly, that you may be spiritualized and pure on that Day of Blessedness, and be one among those Disciples Who come forth into Illumination to go in and out without hindrances through all the regions in Creation.(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 1: 41-47)
The purpose of human life is to extol the Divine, walk the Path of Truth to Illumination (Enlightenment), and engage in the Work of Supreme Justice, Maat.
First, there is the hati (intelligence) of submission to You, O Eternal Nutjer, for You are the Mouth of the Beginning, the Utterance of Its Own Mouth in the Great Ocean, and thus You parted the Waters and divided Your Suite, thus fashioned Your Own Body in the space You Created, thus produced the Illumination of Your Sokham in the Void, thus filled the Void with substance, and this occurred when You gave the Command, when Your Words brought forth Creation and sustained all living things thereupon.
Thus humankind should pay submission to You, O Life of the Living; but it is a joyful submission, not founded in fear nor upon weakness, for our love for You should encompass the strength of millions, therefore provoking the absence of all resistance in the depths of the heart, therefore placing the spark of blissful service within the apex of the mind.
Such a spark will awaken the embers of the heart's servitude, this hati of those true Disciples of Yours, and they will bestow unto You all that exists in the heart, upon the mind, within the desire and through the will, and they will do this in loving kindness to You, for Who sits greater upon the throne of the heart than You, O Lord?(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 1: 38-40)
Duwa, adoration, submission to the Body of Nutjer, is the daily practice- both internal and eternal- of those who live the Nuhati-Am-Nutjeru truthfully.
The nature of this love is duwa, thus submission, thus the bestowal of the heart's faculties entire to the purpose of giving; and it is not through the mind that one gives, nor through the body, nor through the wealth of the material world, nor through comprehension of the world and all its functions, nor through hearing blessed teachings and following their teachers, nor through the giving of mere charity. For all of these reflect giving but are not alone the Truth of giving.
This nature of love of which I speak is the love of submitting the finest qualities of the Ka, thus the Highest Intelligence, to each of one's endeavors; to endeavor to bestow the full contents of this hati (heart's intelligence) to those whom one contacts, solely for the merit of those who receive it.(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 1: 36-37)
Greed, gluttony, violence and hedonism are among the worst forms of negativity (asfat) to be avoided by those who are aspirants to Truth. Walking the path of moderation is the most noble course to take according to the Doctrines of Maat.
Repudiate gluttony in the gathering of riches, in the consumption of food, beer and wine, and in the taking of love partners; for hoarding wealth burdens the body and strangles the heart; it creates arrogance in the master and oppression in the impoverished.
Remember that the Nutjer has granted all riches through which you flourish; that all possessions are possessed through the benevolence of the Nutjer, that the Nutjer gives and removes at will; thus all wealth is the gift of the Nutjer, from which all things have been granted through the Desire of the Great Heart. Thus do not deny the hearts of your kinsmen. Forget not the oppressed, the downtrodden nor the impoverished. What wealth has been granted to you through fortune's heart should be shared with the impoverished, for the Nutjer honors the hearts of the generous, the tender, and the compassionate.
In the end shall the generous and the compassionate be raised, while the gluttons and the oppressors fall.(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 42: 34-36)
The Great Scriptures are a Manifestation (Di Tamah) of the Nutjer's Eternal Wisdom as expressed throughout the human Creation. They cause us, through Divine Inspiration, to live, practice and manifest the Holy Path of Virtue.
This lamp of His in Heaven is called the Eternal and theEverlasting, the Blessed Tithe of Peace, the Peace-OfferingBestowed through the Fields of Contentment in the Circuit of Light, and this Manifestation of the EternalLord's Perfection is called Naha Nata, the Eternal Law,And It is the Written and the Unwritten, the Law and theCause of the Law, the Life in the Flesh and the SpiritThat forms the flesh, and It is beyond the will of livingPeople to comprehend by any means if not through Faith,Thus Hati, thus the Emergence of Hati, thus Nuhati, thusThe Emergence of Divinity, thus Nutjer, thus the EmergenceOf the Divine Qualities, thus Nutjeru, thus the EmergenceOf the Intelligence of the Divine Qualities, thus Nuhati-Am-Nutjeru, and It is the Summation of the Supreme Qualities known to humankind and the Divinities,And this Holy Embodiment of the Most High is kissed byThe Divinities in Heaven, and known to the Prophets ofNutjer upon the Earth in this it's Greatest Name of Naha Nata. (Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Preamble, Sa-Aakhuw 1)
Listen now you Prophets and Reciters of the Divine Word dwelling in My House, and listen all you people, you Shomsuw of the Divine House who pray on account of Me, and whose petitions I have answered on account of this Divine Faith of yours; this is the Ever-Working Nata, the Continuous Nata, the Ever-Growing, Ever-Expanding Nata, the Infinite and Unceasing Nata, the Prosperous, Immutable Nata, the Never Ceasing Creation of My Upper Mouth, the Seed of My Lower Mouth on Earth, the Word Cutting Through the Veil, Whose Utterances Come Forth From the Veil of Asfat, Whose Ceaseless Works will bestow My Countenance to numberless generations, Whose Teachings will expand by virtue of the Prophets of My House, Whose Kas I will manifest in every era, and Whose Pronouncements will be gathered by the Wise and the Just and placed herein with these Glorious Words of this My Name of Naha Nata!(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 1: 29)
His Prophets have not written It. His Reciters of the Divine Word have not written It. The Learned, the Wise, the Virtuous and the Just have not written this Holy Naha Nata. None have seen It, none have heard It, and none have had Wisdom of It before My Heart bestowed the impulse as Haruw, and My Tongue bestowed the Command as Djahuty that it be so! This is neither the Work of the Prophets nor of those who cling to them! This is not the Work of any living hand, save for the Hands of Atumuw, the Hands of the Great Name Ptah-Tatanen, the Seed of this Great Divine Embodiment hidden in the farthest reaches of Creation and known only upon the Earth according to Its multitudes of Names!(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 1: 32)

I have performed the Miracle of this Naha Nata amongst them even as I performed the Miracle of Creation in the beginning, and this is as it was in the beginning, and as it shall be until the end!
But you should know that I am among you in all of My Forms, that I have diversified My Names and multiplied My Manifestations, and that none know Me by My One True Name, which is sealed from Creation for Eternity, and through Whose Holiness I have touched the bodies of My true disciples and Prophets!
And this Great Work is not of them, so do not acclaim them accept for their Namesake, from Whom they have received the call to the Presence of Holiness; for they are not holy in themselves, but are holy only in this Spirit of Mine I have caused to work through them, and you should carry their words as words from My Mouth only, and not the words of this vessel of theirs I have bestowed as flesh, blood and the vapors of Creation!(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, 2: 13-15)
You will bear witness for Me that I am among all men and all women, amidst all living things I have created from My Word, and you will say that the high together with the low, the rich together with the poor, the exalted together with the dejected, the acclaimed together with the outcast, the wise together with the ignorant- all of them shall come forth unto Me, through the Will of My Heart, through the Command of My Tongue, for I am Atumuw the Complete, the Summation of Creation, the One, the All, the Most High, and the Lord to the farthest reaches of Creation!
Thus even those who are now emerging in their mother's womb by virtue of their father's seed must in time leave this Earth and come forth to Me, for there is no languishing upon this beloved Earth forever, thus all things will be swallowed into the dark realms of death, and My Hand shall pass over them in the end as in the beginning!
Thus let them come forth unto Me, the great together with the small, and may this coming forth into Illumination be beautiful for all of them in this their name of Nuhati-Am-Nutjeru, these Disciples of Mine Whom I have blessed with My Holiness!(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 1: 50-52)
I hear now this most beautiful rhythm of sweet Divine Words emerging from the well of my heart, and to me it is more precious than fame, Earthly wealth, the acclamation of wise teachers, and the love of men and women.
This is the pure flood of Your love, O Eternal Nutjer, as it passes through the ears of my heart; therefore I listen to this Embodiment of Holiness rushing swiftly over this vessel of my heart, quenching it, satisfying this deep thirst of mine, overflowing the vessels of my heart's ears with the Eternal Nectar of Your Great Presence!(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 1: 53, 4-5)
Now You should come about to pay heed to the Words of this Great Teaching of Mine, for It is what was written during the Time of the Ancients, and safeguarded in the Realms of the Blessed by the Dweller in His Waters; yet He decreed that Djahuty should make a recitation of the Utterances and a Decree of the Codes, and thus He set Them into order on the Books and declared that these were the Excellent and Noble Decrees of the House of the Divine Prince, the Aged One in Auwnnuw, Who shouted His Praises in the West and reared His Bull in a house in the West, with no one seeing and no one hearing!(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2: 8)
This personification of beauty was established in the Nutjer's Divine House according to the aspirations of Neb-Ra-Djar, the Lord to the farthest reaches of Creation, as written with fire over the heart of the Nutjer's Khanuw, and distributed with the Graces of the Eternal Nutjer through these Three Collections of Holiness mandated at the Command of the Noble Lord Djahuty.
Now, it was the Noble Lord Djahuty, being embraced by Seshat and acclaimed by the Eight Great Primordials Who began in Their Waters at Khamunnuw, Who gave His Divine Command to the Nutjer's Prophet of the Divine House, and He said: "Let these Utterances of Mine, delivered to the Nutjer's Prophet in the Divine House through the Passions of the Great Name in this His Name of Nuhati-Am-Nutjeru, be gathered together in Their Holiness in this Their Name of Naha Nata!
May this be called the Foundation of the Eternal Law, the Three Collections of Holiness, the Great Canons of the Noble Law of Maat over which the sweat, kisses and breath of the Nutjeru have been distributed, and may the aspirations of these words prevail in the dark age over the Shomsuw of Apap and the kindred of the Void; for it has been spoken in these Writings of Mine that on account of their wars and their destruction of what was Created Pure, the Neb-Ra-Djar shall descend with His Names and His Forms over the face of humankind on the Earth; that He shall gather back the Flood in Its time; that He shall call back the Waters from Their emptiness and cause Them to embrace the Earth; therefore, the Aged One shall remove Himself into the Waters as it was in the beginning, in the First Time, and He will bring an end to all that He has made!(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 18-20)
The Doctrine of Maat (Thas-Maat-Kharuw), the Universal Law of Truths, is the Highest Manifestation of the Eternal Law. The 42 Practices of Virtue (Maat) define the Practice of Nuhati-Am-Nutjeru as the High Practice of non-destruction, non-violence, and non-corruption of the Divine Gift of life- freewill and liberty.
I will grant the sustenance of life to those who live upon the Law, and they shall know It as Maat the Throne of Creation, the Banner of Truth, the Diadem over the Two Horizons of the Earth, the Blessedness of My Body as manifest throughout Creation; thus they should live through It, upon It, and because of It, keeping hallowed the Foundation of Righteousness hailed by the myriad Hosts of Nutjeru, to Whom the radiant and long-lived Deities prostrate in Their awe, to Whom the weak petition for release from their oppressors, to Whom the Just take refuge and acclaim as the Nasart Naha, this Torch of Victory covering the four corners of the Earth, this Maa upon which Creation Itself stands.(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 35: 11)
And in this Dominion called the Mansion of Truth, hailed as Maat in the Kingdom of the Just, the Four Pylons of the Noble Saints, I have declared that those who kill will likewise be killed. Those who wage war will likewise be warred upon. Those who destroy life will likewise be destroyed. Those who rape will likewise be raped. Those who cause suffering will likewise suffer. Those who work through corruption and greed will likewise be downtrodden through corruption and greed. Their hateful excesses and injustices will swallow them, the Light will flee from them, and they will lose the inheritance of this Blessedness of Mine in Its Name of Maat, the Absorber of asfat.(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 35: 13)
But Maat was not in the beginning with the Eight Great Primordials and Their Kin in the Mouth of Ra. She hailed over the Waters before this First Time of Her Own accord, for She was the Eternal and the Everlasting, the One to Whom time ceases to cling in this Her Name of Self-Created and Self-Existing.
Thus did all things come about through the Balance established in the beginning with Atumuw on account of this Eternal Maat, the Highest Seat of the Noble Law, the Governance of the Two Kingdoms of Creation, the Regulator of the forms and their substances, the Supreme Form giving birth to the Nutjeru and Their Transformations.(The Passion of Haruw-Ma-Bahuwdat, Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama 35: 53-54)
And Ra Himself bestowed the blessing of the Nasart Naha in all of the Temples of His where His Uwtchat as Hat-Haruw had come to set, thus Ra established the Ordinances of Peace upon the tablets of each Temple, and before them He caused to have inscribed all of these words that were spoken on account of the slaughter of the innocents in Auwnnuw, and Ra the King, the Father of His Two Horizons said: "Now come into being all these Words of Neb-Ra-Djar, the Ordinances of the Peace-Makers with the Utterances of the Servants of Divinity in the House of Life. These are the Words that have been acclaimed by the Prophets in the House of Life, and hailed by the faithful at the thresholds of the Temples I have established in goodness because of the Seat of Maat. Now you Great Ones in the House of Life listen! Listen to the breath of these words I have uttered in the First Time because of this terror I have caused to come over all the lands of My Creation, for on account of them I have taken counsel from the Hosts of the Nutjeru Whom I have gathered together in Auwnnuw, thus I have blessed the firmament through My appearance in glory every day, and I have established the Earth in peace through the working of Maat, thus the nations I have founded on behalf of the wish in My Heart shall bear witness to these Utterances I have caused to flourish in My Two Countries through the Breath of Maat. I have established all of these things in My Creation by way of this Seat of Maat, the Radiant Becoming, the Noble Banner of Victory raised before Me in the beginning!(The Passion of the Uwtchat of Ra, Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 37: 22)
Thus they speak that I am the Good, the Blessed Father of Mercy over the herds, that I have sheltered them on account of My love, that I have held back slaughter, abolished strife, and pacified the nations on behalf of My Great Name of Lord of Life; thus the Earth has witnessed and the Heavens have recorded My Virtues on behalf of this Justice I have established in Its Name of the Seat of Maat, this Foundation of the Universe, Creation, humankind and the beasts of the fields.
And I have said to them: Do not kill or cause to kill.
Do not terrorize men or women or beasts, or cause terror in the living creatures I have caused to thrive.
You will not diminish the fruits of this Earth or make light of the gifts I have bestowed to you.
Do not dam the waters or pollute the streams, nor should you remove the fish from their waters or lay waste to the beasts I have placed upon the Earth.
You should not cause suffering in man or beast, nor should you trap the animals I have set free over the face of the Earth, nor should you butcher the Earth or the creatures who take shelter in it.
You should not murder or butcher any living thing, nor cause grief in men or women.
Do not steal the inheritance of the orphaned or cause poverty to the ill-fortuned, nor should you multiply your fortunes through gluttony or covetousness of what others possess.
You should not work violence or rebellion against justice, nor should you thieve, take part in riots, or halt the working of Truth.
Do not warp the Scales of Right and Truth, thus do not speak of things of which you know not, nor lie by saying "I know" things which you do not know, nor should you speak fraudulently against your neighbors or bare false witness against your peers.
Do not multiply your words incessantly, thus do not speak where it is not needed. Do not bear grudges against those who have slandered you, nor should you engage in any act of vengeance against those who have harmed you.
Do not swallow your heart in anger or speak wrathfully.
Do not curse against man or woman, nor should you speak in contempt of others.
Do not defame others through the working of idle gossip, nor should you speak with a heart of arrogance or spite in the face of others.
Do not neglect the days upon which I have ordained the Offerings of Thanksgiving, nor should you forget the periods for prayer throughout the day nor cause the faithful to labor against their wishes on the days of thanksgiving I have established as a tithe to the Divine House.
Do not cause others to labor for you in excess of what is due to you, nor should you become a glutton in the face of fortune or multiply your fortunes at the expense of others.
Do not defile the House of Nutjer or slander Its sanctity through unholy actions.
Do not engage in fornication or prostitution, nor should you engage in adultery or defile the spouse of another through sexual acts.
Do not commit rape, and do not defile your body through loose sexual practices.
Do not commit fraud or steal.
You should not oppress others, nor should you engage in slavery against any man, woman or beasts.
You should not violate these words I have bestowed to you on account of this Justice in My Heart, for I have placed this Spirit of Life in the bodies of all living things, thus the Master of the House is Him Who placed the dweller within it, thus I am the Master of all the things I have created, and I have established the tithes of peace through the Ordinances of Maat, thus the great together with the small must come forth to Me, and even those now coming forth into the wombs of their mothers must one day come forth to Me, for there is no thriving upon this beloved Earth forever, all glory and possessions flee as shadows, and the state of the flesh is cut down like a wheat bowing before the thresher; there is no lasting joy upon the Earth, thus the fortunate make speedy use of their fortunes, and the Wise hearken unto Wisdom; for all of these things I have spoken shall come to pass, and from death there is no remnant. Life in the flesh is short, whereas the grave flourishes for a period of innumerable years, thus the Just come forward into Illumination on that Day of Going Forth Into Illumination, on that Day of Uniting With the Earth, while the wicked are swallowed by darkness in their darkness, and from the fate of the oppressors there is no relief.
For I have said in the Writings that the makers of peace shall flourish, while those who order death and work through oppression shall likewise reap death and inherit oppression. I will permit the oppressors to be swallowed by their oppression, while the peace-makers shall be liberated on account of this hati of theirs, and I shall cause them to come forth and go out into Illumination, by day and by night, in the Places of the High in the Fields of Blessedness in the Duwat, to dwell in the Light-Radiance of the Ark of Millions through which the Light-Beings are made hale every day!(The Passion of the Uwtchat of Ra, Djosar Ma, Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama 37: 27-49)
The Offering of the Forty-Two Blessed Lamps of Peace Summing Up the Great Victory Banner of Maat, The Highest Aspiration of the Eternal Law
It means that in respect of these Blessings of Truth, brought forth into acclamation by the Noble Lord Un-Nofra, that the Disciples of Truth shall cause these aspirations of peace to flourish in every place where they dwell, that the Victory Banner of Maat should be hoisted over the dwelling places of the Servants of Truth Who acclaim the benevolence of Auwsar, that they should behave in accordance with this Benevolence through the renunciation of all that Un-Nofra disclaimed in very Truth;
Namely the slaughter of the living and the order given to commit slaughter.
The oppression of humankind and creatures alike.
The causing of suffering.
The causing of terror.
The causing of poverty.
The working of vengeance.
The bearing of grudges.
The bearing of hatred.
Thievery through violence.
The working of violence.
The butchery of the fields of the Earth and the creatures that thrive upon It.
The pollution of the waters and the blockage of the rivers by dams.
Wasting the fruits of the Earth.
The working of fraud.
Bearing false witness against a man or woman.
The defamation of character of a man or woman.
The profession of false knowledge.
Barring the ways of Justice.
The working of falsehood (lies).
The venting of wrathful speech against a man or woman.
Committing adultery.
Committing fornication.
Committing rape.
Engaging in riots.
Attacking any hallowed or holy place.
Thieving from the Shrines of the Saints or the Tombs of the Blessed Dead.
Diminishing the Peace-Offerings given to the Nutjeru or thanksgiving when it is due.
Extinguishing the Eternal Flame when its illumination should be spread.
Speaking superfluously or where it is unneeded.
Laying waste to the cattle in the fields.
Trapping the birds in their preserves.
Removing the fishes from their waters.
Thieving the just inheritance from the orphaned or barring the rightful inheritance of an heir.
Multiplying personal fortunes through thievery or deception and causing others to work in access of what is owed.
The bearing of arrogance.
The bearing of malevolent thoughts.
The bearing of malevolent speech.
Carrying out malevolent deeds.
The working of terror in men or women.
The working of terror in animals.
Defiling the body through destructive practices.
Deafening the ears to these Words of Righteousness and Truth.
(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 39)
Thus should it be said by the hearts of the faithful as they approach the Two Halls of the Just in the Mansion of the Two Truths: "Now I come nigh unto You in Truth, O Lord of the Blessed, never having cast down Truthfulness or associated myself with impurity! I am one Whom Maat the Great has acclaimed, Whom the Nutjeru in Their Shrines have seen performing obeisance in his heart, whom the men and women of my town have blessed by virtue of my goodness and justness, whom men, women and creatures have adored by virtue of his mercy; thus it has never been spoken of me that I have abused men, women or beasts; that I have caused suffering in those around me; that I have made men or women or creatures to wail in suffering; that I have committed murder or ordered murder to be committed in my name; that I have avenged myself through violent or malevolent acts; that I have acted violently against men, women or creatures; that I have stirred up strife or ordered aggression; that I have been wrathful; that I have been spiteful; that I have worked oppression upon men, women or creatures; that I have elevated myself above others through arrogance; that I have forced others to work for me in access of what was due to me; that I have pilfered the inheritance of the orphaned or stolen away the just inheritance of beneficiaries; that I have multiplied my fortunes through greed; that I have lived gluttonously; that I have horded wealth through the oppression of the poor; that I have caused poverty; that I have worked through deceit; that I have lied by saying I have knowledge in things I do not know; that I have falsely testified against my neighbors; that I have defamed others through idle gossip; that I have engaged in wrathful speech against men or women; that I have behaved wrathfully; that I have been a bearer or grudges; that I have been a bearer of hatred; that I have barred the way of the working of Justice; that I have fornicated with the fornicator; that I have given myself over to lust; that I have committed adultery; that I have committed rape; that I have given my body over to the practices of lust; that I have defiled the spouse of another by way of sexual desire; that I have committed debauchery; that I have coveted from others what was not mine; that I have lessened the Peace-Offerings bestowed to the Temples; that I have neglected thanksgiving; that I have extinguished the Holy Flame during Its hour of burning; that I have cursed the Divine; that I have manifested ingratitude in the face of Divine gifts; that I have pilfered the Peace-Offerings from the Shrines of the Temples; that I have pilfered the Peace-Offerings bestowed to the Saints and the Blessed Dead; that I have deafened the ears of my heart from the Words of Right and Truth!
Now You Noble Councilors in the Presence of the One, the Two Standards of Right and Truth, the Pillars of Truth, Their supports called "Truth" with Their capitals called "Wisdom", You Gathering of Forty-Two Sahuws drawing nigh to the Throne of the Blessed One, this Lake of Naha, the Lotus-Lily establishing the Presences of the Four Great Directions, the Four Great Steering Oars, the Guardians of the Herds! I am blessed in peace; for I have not been wrathful; nor have I turned away the advancement of the Nutjer's Justice upon the Earth; nor have I oppressed the Just or worked suffering against the afflicted; nor have I turned away the destitute who petitioned me for mercy; nor have I caused poverty; nor have I lived in access of what was entitled to me; nor have I multiplied my fortunes through gluttony; nor have I denied the suffering of the weak and the oppressed; nor have I denied gratitude for the gifts bestowed to me; nor have I forgotten the Three Stations of the Virtuous acclaimed by Maat, namely prayer, thanksgiving (or Peace-Offerings), and almsgiving; therefore, I have given bread to the hungry, water to the thirsty, clothes to the naked, and a boat to the shipwrecked. I have lessened the burdens of men, women and creatures alike; I have bestowed gratitude to the Blessed Nutjeru through the tithing of peace-offerings, and I have kept the Covenants of the Lighted Ones, the Blessed Saints through the offerings of my heart in Their Holy Shrines; thus I have accomplished what I have been bidden to do by Gods and men; thus I have lived according to Justice, labored on my own behalf for my welfare, denied laziness and miserliness, given servitude on behalf of the poverty-stricken, advanced the causes of Justice, given the service of my heart to the Temples, and lived according to the Great and Noble Lamp of Maat, these Tithes of Peace-Offerings witnessed by the Forty-Two Noble Princes in the Hall of the Two Truths in the Mansion of Truth in the Isle of the Blessed!
Thus I have been purified! I am pure, I am pure, I am pure! My purity is the purity of that Holy Ashyat Tree in Auwnnuw, that Pillar of the Blessed in the Noble Realm, that great incense tree beneath which Ra in His Wisdom Body called Mauw, the Great Cat, the Manifestation of Strength defeated the cause of the devils when they arose as Apap in his legions!
My purity is the purity of that Pure Heron Bird rising and shining in the Waters at Auwnnuw in the beginning of the First Time, bestowing blessedness to the face of Creation, liberating the light from the dark, separating the tumult from the peace, and raising that Illuminated Standard of Maat as the Victory Banner over the embodiment of Creation!
I have quelled the tumult in my heart even as Ra quelled the tumult of His Uwtchat in the First Time, the raging of the Great Lady when She went out and afar along the path of destruction! But I have pacified destruction, quelled tumult, ceased the wars, and given my heart over to the Lamp of Maat along the Road of the Peace-Makers; this hati of mine, coming forth in very Truth, in the Potency of the One, the pillar of the heart in this Its Great Name of Nuhati-Am-Nutjeru!"(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 41: 10- 14)
The Great Doctrines of Maat (Thas-Maat-Kharuw) were instructed by the Noble Sahuw ("Lighted Ones", Saints) in every era of the Nutjeru on the Earth. The highest Teacher of the Doctrines was Auwsar (also Asar, Aser, Uwsar, Uwsiri, Osiris), the Father of Truth, Who bestowed the codified form of the Laws of Maat (Supreme Truth) to the Noble Gathering of 42 Sahuws, the Assessors of Truth, Who, beside Auwsar the "Lord of Deathlessness", are the Eternal Judges of humankind after death.
Now, there was this Man-Nutjer Auwsar Who came forth from the Womb of His Mother Nuwt, Who hailed from the Seed of His Father Geb, and He burst forth from the Loins of His Mother in a cloud of fragrance likened to the scent of the cedar tree, that Noble Ashyat Tree in Auwnnuw beneath which Ra the Great Name dispatched the legions of darkness in His Name of Mauw the Hallowed Cat.
Thus the Marks of Auspiciousness were upon His Flesh, and They were recorded on that day of His birth by the Councilors of Djahuty Who drew nigh to the Throne of Geb to witness the birth of His Firstborn Son Auwsar; thus the recordings recited that the skull of Auwsar radiated like real lapis lazuli, that His skin had the radiance of turquoise, and that the illumination of His limbs shone forth like gold. The pattern of His eyebrows followed those of the Uwtchats of Ra, thus the Greatness of Ra, His Sokham, shone forth from above His eyes and set His face in the glory of Ra's Fire, His captivating Presence.
Immediately beneath His chin appeared the mark of His Father's Beard, thus the Great Curled Beard of Geb, the Inheritance of Shuw, the Inheritance of Atumuw belonged to Him straightaway, and the Light-Beings emerged from the East to fasten the Great Blue Beard of Ra beneath the chin of Auwsar, the Firstborn Son of Geb, the Inheritor of the Great Royal Parasol, the Victory Banner of Maat the Just and the entire Assembly of the Eight Great Primordials.
Immediately above His head shone the tall White Crown of His Father, the First Hereditary Chieftain of all the Nutjeru, the Successor of Shuw, the Lineage of Ra Whom He ordained through Truth and established through Righteousness. Thus the High White Crown of Geb, the Station of the Two Golden Ladies, the Noble Pair Enflamed in Victory, the Two Banners of Ra, carried forth Their Illumination from above the brow of Auwsar from the Seat of the White Crown, this mark of the Esteemed One through which He was known and acclaimed by the herds of humankind upon the Earth.
Thus were given to Him the Two Stations of the Earth, the East and the West, the Two Great Directions of the Two Quarters of the Earth, the Two Kingdoms of the High Mound, the Place from which Ra alighted in the beginning to make His Station amidst the vast Waters; thus was Auwsar bestowed the Great Station of Ra over the Heavens and the Earth, even as Ra proclaimed and Ptah the Great Name uttered in the First Time on His Behalf.
Thus the Forty-Two Great and Noble Princes of the Two Kingdoms were brought forth unto Auwsar, the First-Comer in the West, the Lord of the Hidden Land, and even as a child He instructed them in the Utterances of the Noble Proclamations of Truth in Their Name of Giving Truth the Voice Through Speech, namely the Thas-Maat-Kharuw through which the Forty-Two Shrines of the Blessed are named and the Forty-Two forms of degradation denounced on behalf of this Virtue hailed in the Great Way of the Just as Maat, the Overseer of Righteousness, the Countenance of the Peace-Makers, in this Her Name of the Lamp of Truth, the Eternal Law in Its Collections of Immutable Truth.(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 40- Preamble)
Now, the Likeness of the Noble Lord Auwsar should be adored in all the places of the faithful, in their homes and in their Shrines, in their Temples and in the vessels of their hearts, for it was Auwsar Un-Nofra Who came forth from the Blessed West to champion the Aspirations of Maat throughout the World; the Universal Monarch Who caused the Lamp of the Peace-Makers to be illuminated in the Forty-Two Shrines of the Forty-Two Great Provinces of the Two Kingdoms; Who set about to bless the tumultuous state of the Earth with peace; Who moved His Lips in peace in the direction of every man, woman and creature; Who established the Tithes of Peace-Offerings in the Temples of Life; Who caused the Prophets in the House of Life to heed His Noble Words by virtue of His Holy Countenance; Who spoke to the Prophets of Life in the House of Life on behalf of the wickedness and suffering of living men and the beasts of burden; Who caused the slaughter of the creatures of the Earth to be lessened; Who caused the running waters of the Earth to be liberated from their dams; Who caused the preserves to be established for the Sacred Beasts of the Nutjeru; Who caused the Nasart Naha to be lit in the three seasons of the day; Who said that the first fruits of man's labors should be proffered as Peace-Offerings to the Blessedness of the Nutjeru; Who brought prosperity to the Two Kingdoms beneath the guardianship of the Noble Standards of Maat; Who safeguarded the weak and gave refuge to the destitute; Who gave just compensation to the laborers and elevated them from their burdens; Who bestowed the Lamp of Virtue hailed as Maat in Her Shrine of the Three Great Collections of Wisdom, the Three Wisdom Bodies of Huw, Sia and Hakha, the Aspirations of the Noble and the Fulfillment of the Peace-Makers:(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 40- Conclusion)
Thus were the Lamps of the Peace-Makers established by the Good King Auwsar Un-Nofra throughout the Forty-Two Provinces of the Two Kingdoms, as throughout the nations of the World, on account of these noble aspirations of the Firstborn Son of Nuwt, the Firstborn Son of Geb, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Ruler of Rulers, Who from the Womb of His Mother took governorship over the Four Quarters of Creation, Who established peace, Who quelled tumult, Who dispersed wars and dispelled plagues through the benevolence of His Presence alone.(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama 41- The Acclamation of Truth)
For the faithful Who approach Him, for the spiritually destitute who turn to Him, and to the impoverished who take refuge in Him, He shall act swiftly in the name of peace to abolish the fetters of death, the burdens of oppression, and the veil of asfat; and this shall He rent by virtue of this Lamp of Maat of His over which He is guardian, the Victory Standard of Maat acclaimed in the Places of the Hallowed as "Wisdom" and "Truth", namely the Practice of Wisdom through the Acclamation of Justice.(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama 41- The Acclamation of Truth)
All forms of violence and murder are corrupt and manifest the ignorance (asfat) that is separate from true Illumination by the Eternal Creator. All life, human and animal, is sacred, and it is the Path of the Peacemakers (Aiuwhotepuw) to abstain from the taking of these sacred lives.
You who are faithful to this Hati of yours will behold this beautiful Countenance suspended above you, and you will remember the Great Presence of the Lord Who fashioned through His Greatness the peace and blessedness of the Earth and all its fruits. You will remember the separation of the light from the dark, thus the Just from the unjust, thus the peace-makers from the aggressors; thus you will remember that Day of the Watering of the Fields in Bahuwdat, when the Countenance of the Lord of Valor shined over the battlefield of the legions of destruction and their captain Apap. You will remember that Apap swallowed his own kind in death, thus the aggressors lay waste the aggressors through their own aggression, thus the violent will be dispersed through their own violence, and the unjust severed through their own injustice. You will remember that the Lord of Valor raised no hand against His enemies in violence, but you will remember that He revealed His Truth, the radiance of His Victory Banner in Its Name of Maat, and you will remember that the aggressors destroyed themselves in awe of this.
You should establish this as a tithe of peace in the heart of your home, thus blessing it with peace and keeping this Ordinance as the Lamp of Peace of the Nutjer Who gave birth to you, to peace, and to the Blessed Way of the Peace-Makers.(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 36- Preamble)
As for any Nutjer's Shomsuw of the Divine House who keeps this Ordinance of the Divine House close to his heart, it means that he shall be welcomed in peace by the Nutjeru of the Heavens and by the Nutjeru of the Earth. It means that He will summon the Divine Presence into the vessel of His Heart and become an establisher of peace, thus a peace-maker, thus one of those who shall come forth into Illumination on that Day of Coming Forth Into Illumination. It means that he will hand down this Hati of his to his sons and to his daughters, that he will tend to the Flame of the Eternal in Its Shrine in the heart of his home, that he will make it hale as the Nutjer's Presence is hale, that he will spread the blessed Peace-Offerings of this Divine Tithe through his house and through his loins, and by virtue of this he shall be welcomed by the Light-Beings into the Kingdom of the Blessed called the Sea of Peace in the Duwat!(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 38- Preamble)
There are the aggressors and there are the Peace-Makers. There are those who destroy, and those who bestow life through the keeping of peace; and you may be one, but not the other. You may light the Great Flame during its hour in darkness, or you may extinguish it when it was meant to burn; thus you cannot light the Great Flame once it has been extinguished! You cannot destroy what I have granted through the ways of peace, and then be rejoined in peace with Me, I Who have lighted the Great Flame in humankind and brought the nations of men and the herds forward from the state of darkness.
Do not degrade this state of life through tumult, through acts of vengeance, nor through the multiplication of wars; but uplift this state of virtue in you according to the working of Justice, the Seat of Truth, for the State of Blessedness shall come forth to embrace the Peace-Makers, the laborers in Truth, while destruction shall come forth to embrace the aggressors, the destroyers of all that was Created pure.(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 42: 24-25)
May Your gestures in the North, South, East and West be blessed, You Guardians of the Herds, You Protectors of Life, the Divine Substance of the Hallowed; thus have You come forward in peace to keep hallowed these lives of Your creation, thus the hallowed are the Keepers of Peace, the Peace-Makers, thus You revivify their flesh and renew the breath of Their Kas!
All of these things that have been condemned by You are thus condemned by me, thus I renounce murder and those who order murder; thus I renounce aggression and the aggressors who feed from aggression; thus I renounce vengeance and those who avenge themselves; thus I renounce wrath and the state of the wrathful; thus I renounce hatred and the state of hatred; thus I renounce greed and the state of the greedy; thus I renounce oppression and the oppressors who thrive by way of oppression; thus I light the Peace-Lamp at the three daily festivals, thus at the time of the three daily seasons, thus at the stations of the eyes, ears, and mouth of the vessels of my heart.
Thus as it is spoken in the Writings, I have not neglected the hours for the proffering of Peace-Offerings, nor have I neglected thanksgiving, nor have I diminished the Eternal Flame at Its Hour of Burning before the Shrine, nor have I polluted myself through the breaking of the Holy Ordinances, for the Just have been acclaimed by this heart of mine, and I have assumed the state of the faithful in this Its Name of Nuhati-Am-Nutjeru. (Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 38: 7-9)
To the South, the Beautiful Wall of the Holy, the Passage Downstream in the Places of the Blessed, the Hosting Place of the Mariners of the Great and Their Sons! May the Bull, the Father, the Lord of the Herds descend in His Holiness, thus may His Gestures of Peace be acclaimed upon the Earth by the nations He has made hale, and thus may the abolishment of asfat, this suffering in its tumult, the multiplication of its deaths, be accomplished through the flourishing of these Light-Beings of His! Thus may the places of tumult be quelled, may the beings living in tumult be pacified through His beautiful Countenance, and may the Host of His beloved Forms descend in peace to clear away the destruction of all that was fashioned in purity!(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 38: 4)
The Disciple (Shomsuw) who truly lights the Eternal Flame of the Nuhati-Am-Nutjeru in her/his heart is recognized as an accomplisher of good and Justice through her/his actions while living in the workaday world and interrelating with others.
When you are a walker upon the Earth, remember the accomplishment of Justice, for the life of a man in the Beloved Land is short; there is no dallying in the senses of the flesh forever, and life is removed quickly into the presence of death! He who comes into the womb of his mother today will on the morrow travel forth into the womb of death. He shall be planted in the Earth with His ancestors; none shall behold his face or hear his words after he has traveled forth, and his flesh will be swallowed by the clay over which living men travel.
There is no coming swiftly back to the beloved Earth after going forth from It; there is no erasing of your misdeeds nor of your accomplishments while you were a walker upon the Earth!
Thus you should be an accomplisher of Justice! Defend the weak, uplift the downtrodden, raise up the orphan through the riches of this life that have been granted you; for all that you possess is yours solely though the working of Nutjer, this One to Whom the substance of your life is owed, Whose Justice grants wealth to the wealthy and power to the powerful; thus as Nutjer has granted it, so can Nutjer remove it; thus are the great reduced to the small, and the small uplifted to the status of greatness upon the Earth!(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 42: 8-10)
Do not eat cakes only. Do not drink wine only. Do not sleep only, and do not make love only; for I have ordered the keeping of the Tithes of Peace for you as sustenance, and I have ordered the filling of your heart with tenderness in the stead of love-making; thus should your passions be placed in the service of the deprived and in the houses of the suffering; thus should you take your pleasure not only in this flesh of yours, but in the healing of the flesh of your kinsmen, but not only in that which ails their flesh, but in that which ails their hearts; for this time on the beloved Earth is short, all must come forth to Me; for even as the babes are now coming forth into the wombs of their mothers, so shall they come forth into death; thus let all of them come forth to Me, the great together with the small; thus shall you be sent out amongst your kinsmen in this mode of servitude I have prescribed.(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 42: 4)
Go out amongst the depraved, together with the most noble of the noble, establishing the Victory Banner of Maat through the noble actions of the House of Truth. Call forth your kinsmen in the Temples of Millions and bring them nigh to the beautiful Lake of Truth established in very Truth in the Fields of Truth; thus plant the roots of the Great Doctrine of the Lamp of Maat at their feet, opening up the ears of their hearts to the Noble Voice of Maat in the Presence of the King of Truth.
For him who practices this in very Truth, having denied the veil of asfat woven in depravity through the hearts of the depraved, you shall soar forth in every forth precious to your heart! You shall come forth from the Earth of the herds on that Day of Coming Forth From the Earth, and you shall be acclaimed in the Places of the Blessed I have established through the Covenant of My Heart!
For him who plants the Noble Banner of Truth in his heart, who works in Truth through the Practices of Truth established in Truth, he shall be brought forward in peace to the Place of Peace. His sufferings shall be stripped by virtue of this tenderness of his, for on account of this hati of his he has established his life upon the Earth through the working of Truth, thus the keeping of the Tithes of Peace, the Peace-Offerings I have bestowed to the herds, to humankind, and to all the creeping creatures of the Earth. He has safeguarded the Places of the Hallowed, thus the pure state of the Earth, the life of Its creatures, thus the life of the herds and humankind. He has renounced the working of depravity, the life behind the veil of asfat; thus he has rejected wickedness; the ordering of slaughter; the putrification of the flesh through the abominable practices of greed, gluttony, covetousness and lustfulness; and he has uplifted the Standard of Maat above the places of his dwelling upon the Earth, thus he has governed his house and its desires in accordance with the Tithes of Peace, the Offerings of Truth, and the Doctrines of Truth established in very Truth in praise of all living things I have Created!"(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 42: 45-47)
Religious austerities, fasting, shaving, abstinence, ablutions or physical purifications are not the focus of the Arihotep (Peacemaker) lifestyle; rather, internal purity, the accomplishment of True Justice (Maat), the practice of charity, altruism, selflessness and devotion are the basis for founding one's life in the Nuhati-Am-Nutjeru Religious Traditions. External purifications and practices are meaningless without being rooted in pure intentions and a heart submerged in the accomplishment of Maat (Supreme Truth).
But why have you cleansed your flesh after such a deed, when it is your heart that must be purified? Yet again, you have esteemed the words of the Prophets, recited the Utterances from the Divine Books, performed prostrations in the Court of Shrines, circumambulated the Great Arks, and cleaved the sacrifices to be placed in the fire; but you have not washed your heart clean with the Nectar of Maat, Her Waters called the "Field of Peace-Offerings", the "Sea of Blessedness"; thus the Great Lamps For Professing Virtue through which the Gathering of Sahuws was cleansed in the Presence of Un-Nofra, through which the living were brought forth into Illumination and the dead were granted the breath of new life!
Now hear these words of mine, O Servant of Truth, for you have not known that I am the Lord of Forms, the Lord of Truth, Who in the beginning sent forth the Word to separate the Heavens and the Earth; Who uplifted the Earth from Chaos, Who opened up the Mouths of all the Nutjeru and placed Their Kas in flesh of clay, wood and stone; who filled the clay, wood and stone of the Earth with His Spiritualized Presence; Who formed the waters and their vapors and gave free reign of the Earth to all the creeping creatures that came upon It! These things I did, for I Create as I will, even as I destroy as I will, and none are as I am!
You should open wide the ears of your heart to know this Presence of Mine, through which Spiritualization occurs and Illumination comes forth! Know that all Blessedness abounds through My Forms and My Members, that I sent forth the Nutjeru and gave flesh to humankind through which its desires might be satisfied.
Tenderness, love making, sustenance, pleasure and wealth have I granted through these offerings of the flesh; but it is not only through the flesh that you should exist in this life I have bestowed, but also through the sustenance of the heart, this vessel of power I have shaped in you by virtue of My Desire and the Power breathing through My Ka.
In all of these beautiful words of the Divine House that have been granted to you through the Manifestation of the Hakhauw, have you left the flame that burns in the place of the heart unattended? You have mastered the speech of your tongue, satisfied the tenderness in your heart through love making, washed your hands on account of your station as Reciter of the Divine Words, drunk water and eaten cakes. All of these pleasures you have absorbed through your flesh; but not this one thing have you accomplished in My Presence!
If you have not washed pure your heart, you have not washed pure your flesh! If you have not opened up the ears of your heart to this Divine Intelligence, you have made no usage of knowledge nor accomplished Wisdom! If you have spoken ill with your mouth, you have tarnished the prayers of your heart and diminished the purity of the Divine Word! If you have oppressed your kinsmen or caused suffering in creatures, then you have desecrated My Body and laid waste to My House! If you have committed slaughter or given the order for slaughter to be committed, then you have committed murder against Me, and no lake or body of pure water can rinse away your impurities! If you commit slaughter with your body, thus has your heart committed slaughter; and though you were to perform ablutions tens upon millions of times in the Lake of the Holy of Holies, your heart would remain tarnished with the blood of your sin!(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 42:63-69)
Draw nigh to the deeds of your heart before making purifications with your body, for none are as impure as they who have diminished the flame of their hearts through malevolent deeds or thoughts of destruction!
You should listen well to the verdict of your heart, for this Intelligence of this great vessel has given birth to you throughout your many lifetimes! This heart has been your mother, the master of your flesh and the compeller of your deeds, and she has enveloped all your deeds, the benign and the malevolent, from the very beginning of your flesh; from the emergence of your flesh in the womb of your first mother, she has encased your deeds and the desires of your flesh, thus she has witnessed in very truth the righteousness and wickedness of every deed of your many lifetimes!
Thus you should listen first to the deeds of your heart, before hearing out the desires of your flesh, for without the true verdict of the heart borne in purity, the deeds of the flesh go wildly astray! While Maat the Great, the very Witness of Truth, looks on without bias, the unruly and unwatchful plummet through the veil of asfat to be ensnared in the second-death!
Thus, be a lighter of lamps through the intelligence of your heart! Let not the deeds of your heart make unsound verdicts in the Presence of the One, the Noble Judge of Truth, for He spares not the wicked from the depravity of their deeds, while those who kindle the Flame of Maat are amply rewarded through the riches of their heart's own virtuous accomplishments!(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 42:69-72)
At the completion of each Cycle of Creation, the Neb-Ra-Djar, the Creator of all things, will bring an end to the Creation of the Earth, withdrawing the state of Creation within Itself in the original state from which Creation was engendered. The Earth and Universe will then be reborn from Neb-Ra-Djar, giving birth to the next Cycle or Age of Creation.
Listen here to these words of Mine, for on account of them the faithful shall be rallied, the dead granted the breath of life, and the Earth restored to the State of the First Time, as it was in the beginning; and they shall say, "Now have come forth into Creation all these Words of Neb-Ra-Djar", Who has said: "What now has come about on account of this tumult? See how the Earth has been divided through these excesses of theirs, these children of Geb and Nuwt Whom I have given dominion over the Earth and its creatures! Behold this tumult they have spread over the face of Creation! They have made wars! They have created tumults! They have multiplied strife and celebrated death! They have divided the lands and the nations I made pure! They have annihilated the races I diversified in their skins and languages, damned the Holy and the pure, and hailed the impure in place of all that I established pure; thus I have asked, "What has come about on account of these children of Geb and Nuwt?"
Now shall come this, for there will come a time at the end of My Evolutions on Earth, when I shall bring about an end to My Forms and My Transformations, when I shall bring about an end to all of the things I have made, when even My Names shall be dispatched, and I shall descend into the Waters of Myself as I existed in the beginning of the First Time.
I shall rejoin the Two Halves of the Great Ocean, restore the Void as it was, and even the Light-Beings and those who exist with Them in the Realms of the Blessed shall cease their comings and goings in the Places of the Duwats!
I shall rejoin the Heavens and the Earth, the tumult shall be dispelled, the Waters quieted, and over the face of Creation there will exist none of the things I have caused to come forth into being because of the desires of My Heart and the Commands of My Tongue.
The State of Millions of Years will come to an end after its period of millions of years, Nuw shall be given a reign of millions of years, and I shall descend into the Waters in My State, in the Coils of My Great Name in this My Name of Uwruw, and all that I have commanded through the passions of My two lips, My two hands working over the Substances of My Names, shall return to the Impulse in My Heart that I had inspired in its place in the beginning.
Thus the reign of humankind over the face of the Earth shall come to an end, these Glorious Forms of Mine shall be restored in My Body in the Waters, and I shall be reconciled with My Great Name of Uwruw in this My Name in Nuw, the Substance of the Void!(The Passion of Haruw-Ma-Bahuwdat, Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 35: 83-88)
His Names and His Forms will He return to the Void; even the Blessedness of the Duwat, this Paradise, the Nutjeru and humankind!
He shall restore the state of the Earth as it was in the beginning, and He shall give reign to the Light-Beings Who exist in the Company of Blessedness in the Ark of Millions of Years!
But triumphant with His Names and His Forms will be the appearance of this Nutjer of His, in this Its Name of Naha Nata; namely the Written and the Unwritten, the Manifest and the Hidden, the Wings of this Falcon of Gold swathed in the dazzling Presence of the Orb of Ra, these Two Great Ladies and Their beautiful Countenance!(Djosar Ma Naha Nata, Nata Naha Nata, Sa-Aakhuw 2, Khamtuw Khatama, 21-23
Source Ziad Nour

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