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The Great Truths

The Great truths

Book: Shetaut Neter vol 1: The Mysteries of Neterian religion and Metaphysics
Author: Sebai Muata Ashby

Great truth 1
"Pa Neter ua ua Neberdjer m Neteru"
"The Neter, the Supreme Being, is one and alone and as Neberdjer, manisfesting everywhere and in all things in the form of Gods and Goddesses"
Neberdjer means "all -encompassing divinity" the all-inclusive, all-embracing spirit which pervades all and who is the ultimate essence of all
Neberdjer is closely associated with the divinity Khepri. Khepri is the Creator, the morning sun and the first aspect of Ra. Thus we are to understand that from the all-encompassing Divinity, there arises a creative principle and that principle is the divine will, who is Khepri, the scarab-beetle who brings itself and Creation into being. The great Divinity who brought its own forms into being.
Neter Aah khepri djesef
"The Supreme Being is One"

Great Truth 2
"An-Maat swy Saui Set s-khemn"
"Lack of righteousness brings fettters to the personality, and these fetters cause ignorance of the DIvine"
There are two roads traveled by humankind:
**-> Those who seek to live MAAT
**-> Those who seek to satisfy their animal passions
On a higher advance sense there are two groups of people: The Nehastu (spiritually awakened) and the Kmn (ignorant or worldly)
You must begin to open up to the true grandeur of creation, otherwise the mysteries of life will elude you, and you will be fit only to be a lowly follower of some dogmatic religious faith that will offer many platitudes, the same old slogans, dogmatic statements and cliches, but will limit your spiritual growth.
Unrighteousness leads us to khemn (ignorance) and therefore the converse is true, righteousness leads us to ab, purity and rekh (wisdom)

Great Truth 3
"S-Uashu s-Nafu n saiu Set"
"Devotion to the Divine leads to freedom from the fetters of set"
(Saui Set relates to the fetters)
As spiritual enlightenment dawns, there will be many new feelings that arise, because a new world heretofore unknown by the mind has been accessed. Devotion purifies the personality by dissolving the ego. then you begin to discover the world in which enlightened sages live. Along with devotion, your actions must be pure. When your actions are unrighteous, you are fettering your consciousness, you are fettering your personality. the unrighteous act itself is a fetter of the personality, because it causes yo to be conscious of your ego, of your self as an individual, of yourself as a mortal being, separate from the Divine.
Uashu (devotion) leads to Nafu (freedom) - freedom from saiu set, freedom from the fetters of set which is your own egoism. Devotion leads you to freedom from your own egoism, your desires, and individuality, because if you are devoting yourself to the Divine, this opens your heart so you cannot be egoistic, because there is something more magnanimous than you.

Great Truth 4
"Ari Shedy Rekh ab m Maakheru"
"Doing Shedy leads to knowledge of oneself, of knowing one's heart, and this is called being True of Speech"
"True of speech" means established in truth. One who is establish in truth is an AKh.
One cannot repent on one's death bed after a life of unrighteousness - after filling the heart and mind with unrighteous feelings, thoughts, words and deeds. So it is important to begin nor to purify the heart and cleanse the soul as as to become Maakheru (tru of speech - pure of heart) at the time of Judgement.

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