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Kemetic Smai Tawi

What is Kemetic Smai Tawi? Kemetic Smai Tawi:Yoga was practiced in Ancient Egypt, North East Africa, for a very long time. Research has indicated that the philosophy of personality integration, or yoga, was practiced in Egypt for about 10,000 years which is a great expanse of time.
The teaching of yoga that was espoused in the country of Egypt was derived from the meditations and insights by the early sage priests and priestesses. Egypt is not the original term for the country. Egypt is a modern term; the original inhabitants of the country called it Kemet, meaning black or the black land, because of the yearly inundation of the Nile River which caused the rich silt to overflow its banks.

The Kemetans were the ancient African people who created vast temples and monuments such as the pyramids and the great sphinx, which stand as testaments to the high culture,art,architecture and spiritual philosophy which they were able to attain.
To this day, with all the so-called technological advancements of modern day society, scientists are still at a loss to explain how they were made, much less duplicate them. .A fact that is coming more into the common knowledge is that Africans in Kemp (Ancient Egypt) practiced Yoga many years before the evolution of the culture of India.KEMETIC Yoga is expressed in the artwork and spiritual writings found in the ancient tombs and temples. On wall paintings and sculptures we see figures in positions that we now know to be Yoga postures. In the ancient texts we are able to read about the principles and techniques of physical and spiritual perfection that the KEMETIC people aspired to.
The young Egyptians (Kamites) of Northeastern Africa were educated in a system of higher knowledge called the 'Mystery System' by Egyptologists. They had to acquire a high level of competency in Yoga before they were considered mentally and spiritually prepared to master the rigors of mathematics, engineering, medicine, astronomy, astrology, architecture, literature, religion, metaphysics, ethics and philosophy.
According to the book The Metu Neter by Ra UN Nefer Amen, these ancient Africans migrated to India and became what are now known as the Dravidian Indians. They passed on teachings and spiritual practices that later evolved into Hindu beliefs and yoga practices.
Yoga, when translated into English means to yoke or to bind.Then again, to yoke or to bind what, some may ask?Each human being has an individual consciousness and individual mind upon which they are perceiving the world. No two people think in exactly the same manner, no two people have identical ideas on things, which is a manifestation of individual reality.
However, there is universal consciousness that is beyond the scope of the normal realm of consciousness, or individual reality of people. Hence, the practice of yoga is a personality integration method that allows human beings to bind their individual transitory reality with the universal consciousness. The universal consciousness is stable and unchanging, unmoving, therefore, it is the substantial reality while human beings are existing in transitory phenomenon.It was believed when this process is accomplished one can say that they have experienced the way things really are or have experienced reality; universal consciousness.
Yoga is the practice of binding individual consciousness with universal consciousness. This individual reality that they experienced was seen as actually only a small reflection of their true nature, and yoga was seen as the practice of how to achieve the knowledge of one's abiding and immortal aspect.
In the Kemetic teachings this process of yoga is called Smai Tawi which means UNION OF THE TWO LANDS, not to be confused with physical land masses, but is an explanation of the higher and lower nature within the human entity.

Yoga is one of the oldest holistic healing systems in use today.
Yoga offers multiple health benefits, yet the serious practitioner sees these benefits as the side effects of yoga, because yoga is primarily a spiritual practice.
Yoga was seen as a way to connect deeply with the divine forces that flow through and around you. It was seen as a way to realign your spirit with the creator - the individual Ba (Soul) with the universal Ba.Dr Muata Ashby, as seen above, has resurrected the ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) art and science of yoga and brought it to the attention of Africans world-wide. Since 1994 Dr Ashby, who lives in Florida, has researched and written many books on the theory and practice of Egyptian yoga. Dr Ashby sees yoga as a way of linking back to the original source, a way of reconnecting with our essential nature. Yoga provides a way to apply the philosophy of our ancestors to everyday life. Egyptian yoga as with all things spiritual is definitely on the rise.
Yoga offers many wide-ranging techniques. It is excellent for reducing stress as deep relaxation is an important aspect of yoga, it also removes the build up of chemical wastes in the body that otherwise cause disease. Meditation and gentle exercise are a part of yoga, helping to realign body and mind. But this is not where yoga ends; it need not be a soft option. Yoga can give you a thorough workout that will leave you feeling revitalised. It can stretch and strengthen all your muscles helping your body to maximise its potential. Yoga calms and balances the nervous system. High blood pressure, heart problems, aching bones and stress related ailments can all be improved through the healing art of yoga.
The philosophy of YOGA as espoused by the ancient Egyptians incorporated no less than four words whose exact meanings are equal to the Indian word 'YOGA; which means {spiritual union}. The four hieroglyphic symbols that mean yoga in Egyptian philosophy are NEFER, SEMA, ANKH, and HETEP.

(ancient egyptian initiate in a yoga plow pose)
"SEMA"Sema or Smai is the Ancient Egyptian word and symbol meaning union of the Higher and Lower Self which leads to spiritual enlightenment in a human being.SEMA represents the union of two lungs & the trachea, symbolizes that the union of the higher & lower SELF leads to the ONE (GOD).
The hieroglyph NEFER or NETER:is expressed by the union of the trachea & heart.It symbolizes that which is the most beautiful thing, the highest good, and the greatest achievement.
ANKHsymbolizes the union of the cross (male) and circle (female) aspects of oneself,leading to the transformation into an androgynous being (GOD). Thus, the two become One!
HETEPmeans Supreme Peace, the final abode of all who satisfy the desire of their soul:Union w/ itself.

Translations of hieroglyphic texts from the ancient times show that the people of Kemit were practicing a form of spiritual meditation that is still practiced today in some yogic, Buddhist and daoist circles.
Although the ancient Egyptians never appeared to produce a philosophical system in the manner of the Greeks or the Romans, the mysteries produced a remarkable number of systematized theologies that dealt with the essential questions about the true nature of humankind and its relationship to the cosmos. The hierophants created theological constructs and formulated esoteric answers that brought initiates and aspirants to the great religious cities of Heliopolis, Memphis, Hermopolis magna, Abydos, and Thebes.
The Greek philosopher Pythagoras (c. 580? c. 500 B.C.E.) learned the secret doctrine of numbers, the heliocentric system of the universe, music, astrology, astronomy, mathematics, and geometry from the powerful Egyptian Magi. Before he established his own school of philosophy in southern Italy, Pythagoras spent 22 years in the temples of Egypt as an initiate in the ancient mysteries.
In the time of the Ramses (c. 1300 B.C.E.), Egypt shone as a beacon light of civilization throughout the known world. Seekers of the divine sciences came from the distant shores of Asia Minor and Greece to study in the sanctuaries with magi and hierophants who they believed could give them the secrets in order to attain the mastery demanded by the priests of the mysteries that the newcomers would undergo a complete restructuring of their physical, moral, and spiritual being.According to the credo of the mysteries, only by developing one's faculties of will, intuition, and reason to an extraordinary degree could one ever gain access to the hidden forces in the universe. Only through complete mastery of body, soul, and spirit could one see beyond death and perceive the pathways to be taken in the afterlife.

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