Monday, February 13, 2012


Prayer/dedication to Amun-Ra
Today is another day I start in thy name
Thee was reborn as the Lord Khepri
Thee was reborn new and with that thee give us new growth, new births, new in all
May I be reborn each morning with thee with new ideas, new opportunities and new abilities
Thee was the Creator Amun as they created the order and the worlds we walk on
Thee was the Creator Re as thee have created me and those walking beside me
Thee was the Creator Atum as thee created the sunset and the acomplishing of things and events

I now ask for thy right eye to not only to protect me, but to give me courage and the ability to overcome all obstacles and in the undertaking of new endavers
I now ask for thy left eye to protect me against all evils, sicknesses and faults
I ask thee to bless me with the power of order, truth and justice from the Lady Maat
I ask thee to bless me with the knowledge and wisdom of our Lord Thoth
I ask thee to bless me with the protection against poor health from our Lord Horis
I ask thee to bless me with plendour, beauty and happiness from our Lady Hathor
I ask thee then to bless me with the skills to work, to do things as our Lady Isis taught those many centuries ago.
Place the sons of Horus around me in a circle to protect me from that which might harm me
Place the Goddess Tefnut and Shu on my right and left sides, and place the God Aten and the God Geb above and below me to from the magic square of elements protection
Place the Goddess Sekmet on my right shoulder and the God Horus on my left shoulder as my guardian angels, protecting me, healing me and providing me with insight, courage and determination.
I walk thy path, I am they servant, I am they student
Hear my words as I call upon your mercy, your guidance and your energy to guide me
Teach me for I am a student at your feet
Bless me for I am your servant
I call on thee to place all which is good on my path and to bless me with what I need
I call on thee to bless me with all which is good and to provide me with all which I need
I call on all goodness to enter my life and that which must become unto me to be
These words I have spoken, so mote it be in the truth and love of our Goddess Maat
Invoking of Ra
(adapted from the Book of the Dead)

Honor to thee, Great and Powerful, Amen Ra
who rests upon Ma`at.
As you pass over the Heavens,
every face can see thee,
and thy rays fall upon every face.
Thou are One,
even as he that brings the food of life.
Men praise thy name and swear by thee,
for thou art Lord of them.
You have seen with your eyes
and heard with your ears
the millions of years that have passed.
You pass through and over untold spaces
and have passed through them in peace
while steering your way across the watery abyss
to the place which you love.
This you do in one moment of time
and then you sink down
and make an end of the hours.
Please join me now in this Sacred Space
That I have created in your Honor
and for your glory.
May your name live forever in the hearts of men
Morning Invoking

I come before thee
Look today with favour upon me
As I lit this candle let the fire guide thee to me
As I lit this incense let my word find the path to thee
Thee are the new sun reborn unto us
They rays caress the earth and bless us
Today I call on thee
To be with me, To hear me, to heal me, to bless me
Praises will be sung to celebrate they honour
Hands will lift to celebrate they honour
I am before thee
Come to me and hear me
Thee have given us the gifts of the earth
Blessed us with the purity and beauty of nature
Send your guardians to protect me today
Let Sekhmet bless me with her courage so that no problem will be to big for me
Let Bast bless me with her gentleness so that I will be gentle to all around me
Let Isis bless me with her motherhood so that I will treat all with love and dignity
Let Isis and Thoth bless me with the magic so that I will see the magic of the creation of the universe in me and around me
Let Hathot bless me with her beauty and happiness so that I can see the beauty in me and in others and enjoy the life I was blessed with
Please send me protection angels today on my right
Please send me protection angels today on my left
I hear thee O Great Ra
I See thee O Great Ra
Let they words be in my heart and mind and soul
Bless me

Morning Invoking of Ra

I lit the red candle of the sun calling thee to me
I lit the insence to take my word to thee

Arise and awake Oh God of creation
Arise and awake Oh God of the sun
Arise and awake Oh God of man and women
Arise and awake Oh God of me

I come before thee and I call on thee
Thy symbol Aten has risen
Thy are born as lord Khepri
Thy are new with new beginnings
Come now to your servant
Hear my name as I speak it to you
Look with favour upon your priestess, your servant, your daughter

Enter your sacred body here on my altar
Home to thee, temple to thee
COme and besiege me, Come and hear m
I call on thee
Come now and enter

Arise and awake, you are creator of the universe
You walk the path of ages
You glide across the sky and look upon your creation
Look upon me, I am your servant calling you
Bless me with the energy of your creation
Strengthen me with the courage of Sekhmet
Heal me with the powe of Isis and Horus
Bless me with the gentleness of Bast
Bless me with the spendour of Hathor
I am your servant, your priestess, your daughter
Listen and hear me as I call thee

Today I need they guidance
Write thy words in my mind with the god Thoth
Let they laws of Maat be set in my soul
Let me walk thy path

Bless me
Hear me
Guide me
Teach me

Blessed be and so mote the words I spoke be

My charge to thee my creator
Today I invoke thee to hear me
As I am born from thee
Thee tears gave me life
Thee have made me woman, mother, wife
I now call upon they gifts
Thee is creator of all, father of many, one in many and many in thee
With me I charge thee to be
They have called me to they service to be
I now charge thee with my life as it is to be
BLess me with the courage of they daughter Sekhmet
Bless me with the gentleness of they daughter Bast
Bless me with the splendour and joy of they daughter Hathor
Bless me with skills of the Queen Isis
Bless me with the endurance of the son Horus
Send the sons of Horus to hold me safe
Bless me with the knowledge of Thoth
BLess me with the protection of Anubis and Seth
Bless me with the healing power of Sekhmet and Horus
Bless me with peace and love and understanding and kindness and more
I charge thee to bless me as I am part of thee
Take my name into they heart and mind
And look upon me with love and kind
HOld me close this day
Let goodness which is owe to me come on my way
I charge thee with me
I am they daughter
I ask of thee, so let all be in the truth and justice of Ma'at

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