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The Aspects of Ra


I am Khepra, at Sunrise
I am Re-Horakhty, Heru of the Horizon
I am Atum at Sunset
I am Tum, I am Atum,
I rose in the beginning of creation as a benben stone
I am the illumination of the Sun
I am the light and life
I am Lord of truth, Maat
I am Khnum the maker of Humans,
I am the Creator of All Creeping beings
I am the Lord of existence
I am fertility fruitful trees and herbs
I am the maker everlasting
I am The Lord of eternity
I am Thoth, The Lord of wisdom,
I am Awsar, The Lord of mercy
I am maker of existences
I am the one alone with many hands
I am the sovereign of life and health and strength
I am the Supreme Power
I am the only one
I am the supremely great one
I am the great eldest one
I am the great sire that creates the gods
I am the master of the hidden spheres who causes the principles to arise
I am the dweller in darkness
I am The Master of light
I am The Revealer of hidden things
I am the spirit who speaks to the gods in their spheres,”
I am the Weeping One
I am He in the Sarcophagus
I am Mystery
I am the One with the Dark Face
I am the Shining one
I am the One Who Enchains
I am the One from the Cauldron and generally
I am the One who Destroy Evil
I am Maker of Warms in the fields of Destruction
I am my rebirth in the after life

And His Majesty Ra, Lord of All, spoke to Isis the Great, saying:
I am He who made heaven and earth and knitted together
The mountains and created all that exist upon them.
I am He who made the primeval water and caused heaven to come into being.
I am He who made the male and the female
So that the joys of love might come into the world.
I am He who made the heavens and the hidden places
Of the two horizons so that the souls may dwell in them.
I am He who when He opens His eyes,
It becomes light and when He closes His eyes,
It becomes dark;
He at whose command the waters of the Nile rise
And whose name the Exalted Ones do not know.
I am He who creates the hours so
That the days come into being.
I am He who initiates the New year festivals
and creates the flood waters.
I am He who made living fire
so that the works of the houses might be performed.

I am Kheper, the Bringer into Being, in the morning,
Ra, the Most High and Glorious at noon
and Atum, the Complete One in the evening.

The Spell of Eternity

I shine, and am seen every day in this authority of the Lord to the Limit. I made the night for the Weary-hearted. ** I will sail aright in my bark; I am the lord of the waters, crossing heaven. I do not suffer for any of my limbs. Utterance together with Magic are felling for me that evil being. I shall see the horizon and dwell within it. I shall judge the wretch from the powerful, and do likewise against the evildoers. Life is mine; I am its lord. The sceptre shall not be taken from my hand. I have placed millions of years between me and that Weary-hearted one, the son of Geb; then I shall dwell with him in one place. Mounds will be towns. Towns will be mounds. Mansion will destroy mansion.' I am the lord of fire who lives on truth, the lord of eternity, maker of joy,
against whom the otherworldly serpents have not rebelled. I am the god in his shrine, the lord of slaughter,
who calms the storm, who drives off the serpents,
the many-named who comes forth from his shrine, the lord of winds who foretells the north wind, many-named in the mouth of the ennead, lord of the horizon, creator of light, who illumines heaven with his own beauty. I am he! Make way for me so that I shall see Niu and Amen. For I am a blessed spirit,
equipped with otherworldly knowledge; I shall pass by the fearful ones - They cannot speak the spell
which is on the end of the book-roll; they cannot speak for fear of him whose name is concealed,
who is within my body. I know him; I am not ignorant of him. I am equipped, excellent in opening portals. As for any human who knows this Prayer, he shall be like Re in the east of heaven, like Osiris within the Netherworld; he descends into the entourage of fire, without there being a flame being against him,
for all time and eternity!
Thus, he recounts all his beneficial deeds when he created the world, and for the first time, we also find him foretelling the end of this creation after "millions of years". Apparently, only he and the Osiris will survive beyond this end of time.
"Lo! I am Khepera at dawn, Ra at high noon, and Tum at eventide".
shining egg which floated upon the water's breast, and the spirits of the deep, who were the Fathers and the Mothers, were with him there, as he was with Nu, for they were the companions of Nu.

When Ra, according to his desire, uttered the deep thoughts of his mind, that which he named had being. When he gazed into space, that which he desired to see appeared before him. He created all things that move in the waters and upon the dry land. Now, mankind were born from his eye, and Ra, the Creator, who was ruler of the gods, became the first king upon earth. He went about among men; he took form like unto theirs, and to him the centuries were as years.
master architect, and responsible for building the framework of the universe
by speaking the names of all things, Ptah caused them to be.
Ptah as being responsible for fashioning gods and the sun and for the ripening of vegetation.


The Lord Creator, Ptah Atum RA Aten Amen
Creativity Illumination Energy Architect Invisible
Creative Illumines Justified Constructive Hidden

Lord to the uttermost limit
Lord of time and space,
The Ever lasting God of the Universe.
One who possesses all, the God Almighty
The invisible power which filled all space, Eternity and Infinity

Oh Re, come to me, oh guide

Thus said Ra, the Lord of All, Lord of the Utmost limits,
Neb-Er-Tchar spoke after he had come into Existence:

I am he who came into being in the form of the
Kheper Ra
I am He who comes into being and brings into being.
When I came into being, existence itself came into being.
All Existence came into being after I came into Existence.
Many were the beings that came forth
from the commands of my mouth.

I made the universe, and have created all that there in
I am the Creator of the world,
and it was I who fashioned it with my hands
before there was any beginning
What my heart conceived came to pass
and when I have spoken my word it came to pass,
and it shall endure forever.

All Manifestation came into being out of my Desire,
that aroused me to create the universe.
I am the creator of all which came into being,
I rose out of my own creation,
the celestial Primordial Ocean, My father, Nu,
which existed in a state of inertness and helplessness.
that is to say, I am the Father & the Mother of My own Existence.
I am the creator of everything which came into being:
Now the things which I created,
and which came forth out of my divine Utterance
were exceedingly many.

Heaven had not come into being,
Earth did not exist, nor the children of the earth,
and all the creeping things, had not been created yet.
I myself raised them up from out of Nu
the primeval Cosmic Ocean, from a state of helpless inertness.

I found no place where on I could stand
in the vast empty space which I created
Heka is My Name, I am my own Will,
I uttered the name of the thing, on which to stand,
and all things, and places, came into being.
I laid the foundation of all things
by Thoth my Heart and Maat, my Order
I live with my daughter Maat,
'one within me, the other around me'.
I created everything which had form.
Laying the foundations to all, with my heart and Desire.

God is a master craftsman, yet none can draw the lines of His person. Fair features first came into being In the hushed dark where He mused alone; He forged His own figure there, Hammered His likeness out of Himself— All powerful one (yet kindly), Whose heart would lie open to men.3

It was I who came into being in my manner
of being, taking on existence as what exists.
Thus I came into existence in the Primal Time.
After that beginning a host of ways
of being came into existence,
for before then there was no mode
of existence whatsoever in this world.
All that I did I accomplished alone,
before any other being came into existence
to create alongside me in these places.
There I created the modes of being
with the energy in me.
There I created in Nu
Nu, while still drowsy,
while I had yet to find any ground
on which to stand upright.
But then my heart was filled with energy,
the design of creation appeared before me,
and I accomplished everything I wanted to do, being alone.
Conceiving designs in my heart,
I created a different mode of existence
and multitudinous ways of being were born of the Existent.
I was one by myself,
for I had not emitted from myself the Shu ( Air, Space)
I had not spat out from myself Tefnut; (Moisture, Water)
there existed none, who could create my will.

I laid the foundations of things in my own heart of Divine Conciseness,
and there came into being the multitudes of my creation,
which came into being from my creation
which were born from my created Souls
which arose from what they brought forth.

I embraced my Shadowy Hand as a wife,
I Copulated and had union with my hand,
and I poured seed into my own mouth,
and I sent forth from my seed energies
and begot the form of my energies
I sneezed out Shu (Light & Air) and Spat out Tefnut (Moisture).

Tefnut is my living daughter
she shall be together with her brother Shu;
his name is Life and her name is Maat.

My father Nu Said:
My Eye was covered up behind Shu and Tefnut,
but after two hen periods had passed
from the time when they departed from me,
from being one, I became three gods,
and I came into being in Matter.
Then Shu and Tefnut rejoiced from out of the inert watery mass
Where in they and I were,
and they brought to me my Eye (Vision).

Now after these things I gathered together my members,
and I wept over them, and men and women sprang into being
from the tears which came forth from my Eyes.

And when my Eye came to me,
and found that I had made another Eye in place where it was ,
It was wroth with, raged at me,
whereupon I endowed it
(i.e., the (second Eye) with the splendor which I had made for the first Eye,
and I made it to occupy its place in my Face,
and henceforth it ruled throughout all this earth.

When there fell on them their moment through plant-like clouds,
I restored what had been taken away from them,
and I appeared from out of the plant-like clouds.
I created creeping things of every kind,
and everything which came into being from them.
Shu and Tefnut brought forth Seb and Nut;
and Seb and Nut brought forth Osiris, and Heru-khent-an-maati,
and Set, and Isis, and Nephthys at one birth,
one after the other,
and they produced their multitudinous offspring in this earth.

I am Ptah, I am not created, but simply Am.
I am who have created existence
by means of my heart and my tongue
by speaking the names of all things,
I Ptah caused them to be.

There came into being as the heart
and there came into being as the tongue
in the form of Atum.
I am The mighty Great One Ptah,
who transmitted life to all Netjeru,
as well as to their kas...

Thus it happened that the heart and tongue
gained control over every other member of the body,
by teaching that I am in every body
and in every mouth of all gods, all humans,
all cattle, all creeping things,
and every thing that lives,
by thinking and commanding everything that I wish
Thus all the gods were formed
and My Ennead was completed.

Indeed, all the divine order really came into being
through what the heart thought
and the tongue commanded.
Thus the ka-spirits were made...
by this speech... Thus were made all work and all crafts,
the action of the arms, the movement of the legs,
and the activity of every member,
in conformance with this command which the heart thought,
which came forth through the tongue,
and which gives value to everything.

from my Utterance of my Name, Word and will.
I am the Heka that existed before duality had yet come into being.
I am Atum who gives sweet air which you breath for I am this egg which is in the Great Cackler,I am the guardian of this great prop
which separates the earth from the sky.If I live, it will live;
if I grow old, it will grow old; if I breathe the air, it will breathe the air. I am he who splits iron,
I have gone round about the egg,I am even the Lord of Tomorrow.

I am who have created Maat, the divine order
I am master of destiny
I died and rose again, I am resurrection,
and the way into a another future life.
I am Ta-Tenen as the primeval mound

I am the breath of life
which emerged from the throat of the Benu bird,
I am Re in whom Atum appeared in the primeval
Naught, infinity, darkness and nowhere."

I am Atum! When I came into being
I rose up as a High Promodial Hill,I shone as the Benben Stone in the Temple of the Phoenix."
"I am Atum-Kheper Ra, I became high on the height,
I rose up as a benben in the Mansion of the Benu."

"O I am Re, Lord of Maatwho lives by Maatwho rejoices in Maatwho is complete because of Maatwho persists because of Maatwho is praised by Maatwho is powerful through Maatwho rules through Maatwho is crowned by Maatwho ascends in Maatwho descends in Maatwho nourishes on Maatwho is joined with MaatO I am Re, eternal in deed, perfect in plansrighteous in heart, who establishes Maatin everything which I create...!

The Four Good Deeds of God


The Lord of All, The Lord of the utmost Limit speaks
As He speaks before those who silence the storm
During the sailing of the com­pany of Ra;

Hail and Peace! I repeat to you the Four Good Deeds
Which my own heart and mind did for me in the midst of the serpent coil of evil,
In order to silence the evil turmoil.

I did Four Good Deeds on the threshold of the horizon.

I created the four winds
so that every person might breathe in his or her time and place.
This is one of the deeds.

I created the great flood for irrigation
So that the humble might benefit from it like the great.
This too, is one of the deeds.

I made every person like his and her fellow;
And I did not command them to do evil.
It was in their own hearts and minds
That caused them to disobey that which I commanded.
This too is one of the deeds.

I made the hearts of men and women
So that they would not forget the day of death,
So that sacred offerings might be made to the divine powers of the Nomes.
And this too is one of the deeds.

Thus, I have created the divine powers from my sweat
And humankind from the tears of my eye.

An aspect - or another name for the sun god Ra. Auf was a ram-headed god who wore the solar disc and traveled at night through the Underworld waterways in order to reach the east in time for the new day; however, he still had to fight off the creatures of the Underworld. Demons and gods towed his boat along while Auf stood in a deck-house, over which was coiled the serpent Mehen who warded off the dangerous Apep. The boat of night was crewed by the gods Hu, Saa and Wepwawet.

Nefertem was the god of the sunrise who helped to bring the sun into the sky where Ra was. According to myth, he had no father and no mother, instead being born from a lotus blossom.
Worship: Nefertem had no formal cult or temple. His primary devotion seems to have been in the form of small statues of him carried by people, similar to modern saints medals.

Oh Re, come to me, oh guide
The Egyptian story of Creation is the one true explainable composition from all other religions in the world, ancient and modern.
It can be said that Ra was God the Creator, and the gods which sprang from this single source were simply different aspects of this single God. Nu was the primal watery abyss, and Kepherah, Ptah, Temu, Shu, Tefnut, Seb and Nut can be seen as Ra in the Act of Creation. Isis and Nephthys typified the separation of the Night from the Day. Thoth was the utterance and projection of the Will and the Word while Maat was the creation of order out of chaos. In the myths of both the Egyptians and the Hebrews the Creation came about by the utterance of the Word. In a hymn to Hapi, god of the Nile, from the XVIIth and XIXth dynasties, it is said:
God hath made the universe, and He hath created all that therein is…He is the Creator of the world, and it was He who fashioned it with His hands before there was any beginning …What His heart conceived came to pass…and when He had spoken His word came to pass, and it shall endure forever.

The First Great Prayer
Rauw 1
Uwruw 1I came one day to batheIn the river of my dreams,And in my dream I saw myselfOn my knees at the river's edge,Terrified because I thought myselfAlone in the darkness of the World.
Uwruw 2Where are You, Great One?It is said that You are so greatThat from Your Thoughts You CreatedThe World, that by Your heart's desireYou gave birth to the immeasurable Cosmos;The oceans, mountains, and all theCreeping creatures of the Earth.
Uwruw 3I want to know You so closelyAs to see Your Face directly, andMy heart will not wait until I am aloneAt the river of death, looking backOn all the ignorant things I have done.
Uwruw 4I want to know you right now, in thisvery moment, to feel Your greatness uponMe as near as the beating of my own heart.
Uwruw 5As a child of my dreams, kneeling soClosely to the river of my impatience,I saw a vision of the Great Lord, thoughIt was not a vision at all.
Uwruw 6Coming out from the fire of the sun wasThe Lord Ra's Lotus Body Itself, gleamingMore beautiful than any jewel of the Earth,More fine than the purest white light ofThe fresh dawn.
Uwruw 7From His forehead leapt the Holy Lady Herself,The graceful Mother Uwatchit, and my heart wasSo ensnared by Her grace and innocence that IWept silently in the purest happiness of myYouth.
Uwruw 8From Her cobra's hood flared the radiance ofThe numberless Universal Systems, each enfoldedIn Her scales, each more resplendent than goldOr lapis or turquoise.
Uwruw 9She spoke clearly to my heart, though I heard noAudible voice in my ears- but the ears ofMy heart were opened wide in that moment,And I knew what it was to forget myself andBe absorbed in the Completeness of God.
Uwruw 10The Great Nutjer came down in His bath of light,Touching everything with His handsomeness so that theAir around me was filled with lotus blossoms andShowers of gilded light.
Uwruw 11The Form of the Father Ra breathed with light.His limbs poured out with illumination thatFilled the waters with splinters of Holiness,The pure Power of the Divine.
Uwruw 12So hungry was I for the vision of the Lord,That at once I wanted to be with Him always,To bathe at His feet and remain showered with HisLove.
Uwruw 13His Qualities were as nothing of this Earth.There was nothing of fear or greed or distasteOr abandonment in Him, for to the Great LordThere is nothing clinging that is separate fromHoly Love, the Quality of filling all things with love,The Quality of bringing all things to love,The Quality of taming the heart with love,The Quality of conquering the mind with love.

Uwruw 14I was conquered by Him, the Great Lord of Love,The Nutjer, Ra the Father of all beings, the MotherOf all children.
Uwruw 15And the Lord persuaded me to follow Him, not throughTerrible greatness or the threat of a master asImposed on a slave, but simply through theUnpolluted Love of His Presence, which absorbedAll impurities as a bright light flooding into aDark room.
Uwruw 16Through the Great Mother upon His head I witnessedThe darker nature of the World and the menResiding in it, and I longed more than anythingElse to be brought forward into the Light, whichCasts off the lower darkness, and floods one fromWithin with the Stream of the Eternal- the Intelligence of the Heart that frees the prisonerOf suffering and elevates the mind beyond allSorrows.
Uwruw 17If you do not believe in this, He said, then youCannot know Me nor ever be freed from the lower darkness.There is nothing in Me but the Great Storm of love,And it captures the lost boat of the faithful, bringingIt to peaceful shores.
Uwruw 18There is nothing so dark or separated from Me as theOne who throws himself away into the wastefulnessOf anger, the heart's enemy and the destroyer ofNations.
Uwruw 19This fire will consume him as a flame consumes theAir, and he will burn in his own fuel, held fastBy the fetters of his ignorance,And though he calls it sanity and uses it to raise himselfAbove other men, he will be drowned from knowing me,And his heart will be swallowed in dejection.
Uwruw 20For you to know Me, you must cast yourself into theWaters so wholly that your feet have no place upon whichTo stand. You must be so in love with me that you areSurrounded by the waters of Holiness- drink of them,Fill your heart up with them.
Uwruw 21This means that you will extinguish the flames of yourMind, your anger, your wanting for all that is not asI am, that you will let yourself follow me because IAm your Father and have created you, because I am your MotherAnd I have given birth to you, because I am your loverAnd I love you.
Uwruw 22When the Great Lord had spoken to me, I was capturedBy His Essence, and it swam over my limbs, making musicIn my heart, filling me with the sweetness of His Presence,The omnipresence of His Love.
Uwruw 23This love is a pool beneath which I should submerge theFire of my heart, putting out the desire to do other thingsIn this World aside from give myself over to Him inLoving embrace.And I asked for Him to embrace me.
Uwruw 24With His spear of light He pierced my heart soThoroughly that I was wholly smitten by Him.I felt nothing ever so profoundly as His Love, theManifestation of His Holiness, and I was truly inLove with Him.
Uwruw 25I yearned all the more to draw myself close to Him,And I felt my heart being rescued by Him,Carried back from darkness by Him, and I knew HisLove to be the fine anchor of my heart.
Uwruw 26If I am to be near Him always, then I must followHim through the manifestation of His Love, whichIs the greatness of the heart, the true greatness ofBeings in their desire for what is pure.
Uwruw 27And there is nothing so pure as offering away one'sHeart to the Illumination of the Great Lord's Love, as His embrace is the Highest Calling of the heartAnd mind, and it distinguishes those who are just fromThose who are unjust. It distinguishes those who areAfraid from those who are fearless even in the face ofTorment and ignorance.
Uwruw 28What can you do but beg of Him to descend so closelyTo your heart, that His Love pours over you asDelicious as a cool stream, as fine as the touch ofThe highest lover.
Uwruw 29I speak His Name in my heart, for it keeps my mind fromWandering, and rescues my heart from brokenness andThe ignorance of the lower darkness- this world ofSuch illusions as to steal a man away from His beliefs,His fine anchor to the Highest Calling.
Uwruw 30I make my heart's vow to the Great Lord, the Nutjer,The One Summing Up All Ones, that I will cast offMy own fetters in this World and set adrift upon theWaters of His Love.
Uwruw 31I will hate none.I will persecute no one.I will not cause suffering nor order death.I will not violate a life, nor cause a lifeTo be violated.I will swallow love into my heart, not hateNor grudges.
Uwruw 32I will call first upon the Great Lord toRescue me, for He is the benefactor of theOppressed and the solace of the heartbroken.I will renounce my place as a hater, aPersecutor, a slaughterer, and instead I willLearn to walk close to the Love of the Divine thatRejects all hatred and persecution and death.
Uwruw 33I will see the Truth in all things, learning toSeparate the darkness from the light,And how other do I do this than through theGreatness of love, which draws the Creator to theCreated, and the Pure to the Eternal.
Uwruw 34I give my peace offering to You, O Great Lord,And take refuge in Your Holiness.You have freed me from my fetters, and from nowUntil my last breath I will live to free othersFrom theirs.
Uwruw 35This is your Great Path, and it begins at noOther time than when I have delivered the wholeOf my heart unwaveringly into the hands of Your Love.
And His Majesty Ra, Lord of All, spoke to Isis the Great, saying:
I am He who made heaven and earth and knitted together
the mountains and created all that exist upon them.
I am He who made the primeval water and caused heaven to come into being.
I am He who made the male and the female
so that the joys of love might come into the world.
I am He who made the heavens and the hidden places
of the two horizons so that the souls may dwell in them.
I am He who when He opens His eyes,
it becomes light and when He closes His eyes,
it becomes dark;

He at whose command the waters of the Nile rise
and whose name the Exalted Ones do not know.
I am He who creates the hours so
that the days come into being.
I am He who initiates the New year festivals
and creates the flood waters.
I am He who made living fire
so that the works of the houses might be performed.

I am Kheper, the Bringer into Being, in the morning,
Ra, the Most High and Glorious at noon
and Atum, the Complete One in the evening.

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